Medical Genius Chapter 1435

 The bald man stepped aside and made several phone calls before he got through.

                He immediately told them about the house.

                After listening, the person on the other end of the phone fell into a dead silence.

                The bald man didn't know what was going on and was still indignantly saying, "Brother Yong, I think these few bastards are simply crooks, maybe they want to use that house of yours as a front to solicit money."

                "Why don't you bring someone over to take a look."

                "This kind of deception, once you are involved in the future, it will be troublesome too!"

                At this moment, a voice as cold as ice finally came from the other end of the phone, "Wait, I'll be right there!"

                The bald man was overjoyed as he hung up the phone and pointed arrogantly at Lin Mo: "Hey, kid, Brother Yong will be here soon."

                "You just wait to die!"

                Lin Mo disdained.

                Fu Man was also full of smugness, she glanced obliquely at Li Lin and sneered, "Lin Lin, how did you get mixed up with these crooks?"

                "We are classmates, if you have any difficulties, you tell me ah, how can you do this kind of deceitful hook?"

                "Ai, I really didn't expect that you would degenerate to this extent, you really let me down!"

                He said, and put on a sorry face, but in fact, he was simply mocking Li Lin.

                Li Lin gritted her teeth and said indignantly, "Fu Man, you don't need to say these sarcastic words."

                "I'm telling you, we're not liars and we're not cheating anyone!"

                Fu Man laughed coldly, "Heh, you really don't see the coffin and don't shed a tear!"

                "I'm telling you, if you say those other buildings, I still don't understand the situation."

                "But this building number one, the whole building is Brother Yong's property."

                "Three days ago, Brother Yong even invited us up to sit down and discuss about opening a clubhouse in that building."

                "You say your house is in Building One, are you taking me for a fool?"

                Li Lin couldn't help but be a little confused and lowered her head, not knowing what to say.

                Fang Hui was also a little worried, she came over to Lin Mo and whispered, "Lin Mo, this ...... house, how did it become his buddy's?"

                "Is that Mr. Yang cheating us?"

                "Or did we find the wrong place? Not this South Linn City?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Don't pay any attention to him."

                "We'll know when we come later."

                Fang Hui's face was worried, if it was really the wrong place, then it would be awkward in a moment.

                After about ten minutes, there was a sudden sound of footsteps in the distance.

                The crowd turned their heads to look and saw a man running all the way over.

                Seeing this man, the bald man immediately greeted him with enthusiasm: "Brother Yong, here, here."

                Fu Man's face also immediately squeezed out a teasing smile, looking straight at the man and saying delicately, "Brother Yong~~"

                As the man ran closer, the bald man could see that he was sweating and panting heavily, as if he had run a long distance.

                The bald man couldn't help but be surprised, "Brother Yong, you don't have to be in such a hurry."

                "I'm watching from here, they can't run, you can just ...... slow down."

                Saying that, he reached out to try to help the man.

                However, the man didn't even look at him and directly pushed him away with one hand.

                Following closely, the man ran all the way to Lin Mo, and in front of the bald man's stunned gaze, the man bowed violently towards Lin Mo.

                The bald man's eyes widened, what was this?

                The man bowed again towards Xu Hanxia, Xu Jiankong and Fang Hui each before he respectfully said, "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, I'm really sorry to say."

                "I didn't know you four were coming over, so please forgive me for not welcoming you from afar."

                It was only at this moment that Xu Jiangong Fang Hui got a good look at the man's appearance.

                The two of them were surprised and said, "General Manager Yang? How come it's you?"

                This man was none other than the previous General Manager Yang!