Medical Genius Chapter 1434

 Fu Man's face was full of mockery, as if she was looking at a joke.

                After all, in her opinion, being able to live in South Linn City was already a very difficult thing to do.

                As for having a building in it, that was even less of a thought, it must be bragging ah.

                Who could have a building in this area?

                So, she completely looked at Fang Hui and Li Lin as if they were psychotic.

                Fang Hui said slowly, "Building number one, that's ours!"

                Fu Man first froze, and then coaxed a laugh again.

                "Building number one?"

                "Auntie, you're so funny!"

                "Do you know what the selling price of the No. 1 building is?"

                "Do you know that in the whole of South Linn City, the most expensive one is the No. 1 Building."

                "You're saying that the whole of Building One is yours? Hahahaha, it's killing me, it's killing me ......"

                Fu Man laughed so hard that he was shaking all over the place.

                Just then, a bald man wearing a big gold chain and big sunglasses walked over.

                He put one arm around Fu Man's waist: "What's wrong, laughing like this?"

                As soon as Fu Man saw the bald man, she immediately pouted, "Honey, you've finally come down."

                "I met an old classmate, and she told me that the whole of the first floor in front of me is theirs."

                "Ouch, hubby, I'm so scared."

                "I really didn't think that within these classmates of mine, there were still crouching tigers hiding dragons, there were such big shots."

                This was said in a way that was completely mocking.

                The bald man spat directly, "Bullshit!"

                "Who said that building number one was her house?"

                "Come out and show me, I'll slap her to death!"

                "That number one building belongs to my buddy Yong."

                "Who's the bastard that doesn't know how to cheat people without asking around first?"

                "You're acting like a wolf in front of me, you're not thinking straight, are you?"

                Fu Man looked at Fang Hui with a cold smile, "Auntie, do you hear me?"

                "Building One, it belongs to my husband's friend."

                "Now, what else do you have to say?"

                Fang Hui frowned, "Impossible!"

                "Building No. 1, it's ours."

                "We have the property deed!"

                The bald man was outright annoyed, "Old thing, how dare you fucking lie?"

                "Did I not make myself clear enough?"

                "That building number one, it belongs to my buddy."

                "How dare you come here and try to cheat, are you tired of living?"

                "Believe it or not, I'll smack you!"

                The bald man raised his arm, scaring Fang Hui into involuntarily taking a step backwards.

                At that moment, Lin Mo walked over.

                He stood in front of Fang Hui and looked at the bald man with cold eyes, "What do you want?"

                The bald man was originally intimidating Fang Hui, but when he saw Lin Mo, he simply threw a slap down.

                "What for?"

                "Smacking you!"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly and grabbed the bald man's face with a slap, causing blood to drip from the bald man's mouth.

                The bald man was dumbfounded, he was a fitness instructor himself and had a hot temper, he had always been the one to bully others and had never suffered a loss before.

                I never thought that he would be slapped first in front of this skinny looking young man.

                "Damn it, you dare to hit me!"

                "I'll fucking kill you!"

                The bald man roared and took a boxing stance, rushing towards Lin Mo with a fierce punch.

                Lin Mo didn't dodge either, and met him with the same punch.

                The two fists collided and the bald man only felt as if his fist had hit an iron block, his bones were about to be shattered.

                He let out a miserable cry and took a few steps backwards, covering his fist and looking at Lin Mo with a frightened expression.

                This time, he finally saw that Lin Mo was not simple.

                "So he's a practitioner!"

                "Hmph, but so what?"

                "I'll call Brother Yong right now and tell him that you want to hijack his house!"

                "I'm telling you, Brother Yong, his temper is much more explosive than mine!"

                "Let him know about this, and I'll see how you guys die!"

                The bald man said through gritted teeth.

                Lin Mo stood with his hands folded, "Feel free!"