Medical Genius Chapter 1433

 Hearing Fu Man's words, Li Lin couldn't help but swell red.

                Fu Man was clearly mocking her, thinking that she was not qualified to enter South Linn City at all.

                "I ...... why can't I have something here?"

                Li Lin couldn't help but retort.

                Fu Man tilted her head and smiled, "What is South Linn City?"

                "This is a high-end residential area in the provincial city, and all the people who live here are the highest end of the provincial city."

                "You said you came here for something? Let me ask, do you live here, or do you know one of the owners?"

                Li Lin instantly stuttered, "I ...... I ......"

                Fu Man had always been a rather flamboyant person and liked to show off.

                Seeing Li Lin like this, she couldn't help but be even more smug.

                However, she still pretended to be concerned and said in a serious tone, "Linlin, we are all our own classmates, so why do you have to make a fat face in front of me?"

                "You've come from a small county, and I know your family's situation very well."

                "Actually, it doesn't matter whether you have money or not."

                "What's important is that you have to be down to earth and recognise yourself, understand?"

                When Fu Man said these words, it seemed like she was educating Li Lin. In fact, it was a complete mockery.

                Li Lin was so angry that her body was shivering, and her mouth was wide open, unable to say anything.

                At this moment, Fang Hui, who was standing not far away, was also full of annoyance.

                She treated Li Lin as her junior, and now that she saw Li Lin being bullied and insulted, how could she hold back.

                She wanted to go and speak up for Li Lin directly, but still hesitantly glanced at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo saw Fang Hui's thoughts and said softly, "Mother, this building, it's a compensation for you and my father."

                "You guys can do whatever you want with it, no need to ask my opinion!"

                Fang Hui was overjoyed, and she immediately walked over to Li Lin's side.

                "Who's making a fat face?"

                "Our Lin Lin just lives here, so why can't she come to this South Linn City?"

                Fang Hui exclaimed.

                Hearing this, Li Lin couldn't help but be bewildered, since when did she live in South Linn City?

                Fu Man froze for a moment and looked at Fang Hui in surprise, "Who are you?"

                Fang Hui said arrogantly, "Who I am, you are not qualified to know yet!"

                "But listen carefully."

                "Lin Lin is the owner of this South Lin City, she will be in and out of this South Lin City a lot in the future, so don't be a little insensitive!"

                Fu Man frowned as she stared at Fang Hui for a moment before suddenly saying, "You said she's the owner of South Lin Lin City?"

                "Then I'd like to ask, what unit and number does she live in?"

                Then Fu Man sneered, "Hmph, if you can't say it, then you've sneaked into South Linn City."

                "The security in South Linn City is very tight, if I call the security guards, do you know what will happen to you?"

                Fang Hui smiled disdainfully, "What, worried that we're thieves?"

                "Don't worry, we have plenty of houses in South Linn City, we don't need to sneak in yet!"

                Fu Man laughed outright, "Aiyo, Big Mother, you can really brag."

                "You have a lot of houses in South Linn City? Are you serious?"

                "Auntie, do you know that there are restrictions on the purchase of houses in the provincial capital?"

                "If you can buy a house in South Linn City, you have to rush to buy it."

                "You still have a lot? How many are there? Two? Three sets? Hahaha, what a laugh!"

                Fang Hui's face remained unchanged as she proudly said, "Don't be silly!"

                "What's two or three sets?"

                "I have a whole building in South Lin City!"

                At these words, Fu Man once again laughed wildly, "Ouch, I can't, I can't, I'm dying of laughter."

                "Auntie, you've just run away from the mental hospital, right?"

                "There's a whole building in South Linn City?"

                "You're not very sick!"

                Li Lin said urgently, "Fu Man, don't talk nonsense."

                "What Auntie Fang said is true."

                Fu Man laughed again, "Linlin, why are you going crazy along with her?"

                "Ouch, I really can't laugh anymore."

                "Come on, come on, you guys tell me, which building is yours in here?"