Medical Genius Chapter 1432

 The next day after breakfast, Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui excitedly proposed to go and see the building given by Mr. Yang.

                At the same time, Fang Hui also called up Li Lin.

                After chatting for a while over dinner last night, Fang Hui surprisingly found out that Li Lin's mother, and she was also a junior high school classmate, and they had a good relationship when they were in school.

                So, Fang Hui became even more fond of Li Lin, as if she treated her as her junior.

                Half an hour later, several people arrived at South Linn City.

                As a relatively high-end residential area in the provincial capital, South Lin City still looked relatively luxurious.

                Although it was not as good as the Wangjiang Garden and the Shengshi Mansion in Guangyang City, it was still considered a high-end residential area.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui nodded repeatedly, quite satisfied with this location.

                As for Li Lin, she even looked envious.

                This kind of house, to her, was a mansion.

                Several people drove their cars to the entrance of the district and were stopped by the security guards when they entered.

                This was a closed community, and vehicles of non-owners were not allowed inside.

                However, after Lin Mo took out those property certificates given to him by Mr. Yang, the security guard immediately invited them into the district respectfully.

                After parking the car in the underground car park, several people walked into the district and prepared to take a look at the district environment first.

                The area of the community was huge, and the greenery was also huge, which made Xu Jiangong Fang Hui even more satisfied.

                Living in such a community is indeed a refreshing feeling.

                However, because the district was so big, the five of them went around for a while and still could not find the building.

                While they were looking for it, a girl covered in designer labels suddenly came up to them.

                The girl was quite pretty and her make-up was thick, and her face was full of arrogant expressions.

                Seeing this girl, Li Lin couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.

                Because she knew this girl, she was her college roommate, Fu Man.

                When she was in school, this Fu Man was also a popular figure in the school.

                She was a pretty girl, and with her ability to dress up, she was liked by the boys at school.

                When Li Lin first went to school, she had a crush on a boy in her class who was quite good.

                When Fu Man found out about this, she went to confess her love to that boy the next day.

                Afterwards, Fu Man even brought the boy to see Li Lin in a demonstration, making all kinds of snide remarks about her.

                After that, Li Lin fell into a deep inferiority complex and did not dare to fall in love even after she graduated.

                After only three days with that boy, Fu Man kicked him out.

                After that, she changed boyfriends faster than she changed clothes.

                When she was a sophomore, she was no longer satisfied with the uninitiated boys at school, but started to get in touch with the bosses outside.

                Later, Fu Man rarely even went to school anymore and met many bosses outside.

                Among Li Lin's classmates, the only one who had been to the Wanhe Hotel was Fu Man.

                She followed one of the bosses to the banquet at the hotel and bragged about it for a long time after she returned.

                Two years after graduation, Li Lin had never seen Fu Man again.

                She never thought that she would meet her now under such circumstances.

                Looking at Fu Man's appearance, her life after graduation must have been very good.

                Looking at her full of brand names, Li Lin couldn't help but feel a little inferior and subconsciously wanted to turn her head away.

                However, Fu Man caught a glimpse of her.

                Fu Man first froze for a moment, then a cold smile of disdain wiped across the corner of her mouth, "Aiyo, Li Lin, long time no see!"

                "Why are you here?"

                With that, she came straight up and grabbed Li Lin's arm, not letting her leave.

                In her heart, Li Lin didn't have a single good feeling towards Tyman, but after all, she was a classmate, so she still had to deal with it face to face.

                "Ah, it ...... is a long time no see."

                "I ...... came here for a bit of business."

                "Let's not talk first, I ...... I'll go first ah!"

                Li Lin turned around to punch, but was grabbed by Fu Man as hard as she could.

                "You came here for something?"

                "Linlin, you're kidding me, right?"

                "This is South Linn City, what could you possibly have going on here?"

                Fu Man asked with a leathery smile.