Medical Genius Chapter 1422

 Chief Yang followed Ma Tiancheng into the house, his mouth still yelling excitedly, "Brother Ma, it's these bastards."

                "Just now I brought up your name and they even spoke out against you, they simply didn't put you in their eyes."

                "Also, this son of a bitch, just now he even called himself some kind of Crown Prince of Hai Cheng."

                "Heh, Brother Ma, it's the first time I've seen someone so bold as to impersonate the Crown Prince of Sea City."

                "Brother Ma, let's clean him up and tell the Crown Prince later, the Crown Prince will definitely be very happy."

                Speaking of this, he suddenly looked greedily at Xu Hanxia, "Oh yes, Brother Ma, there's also that woman."

                "She just scolded me several times, in a moment, I'm going to take her away and make her apologise to me personally!"

                As he spoke, Mr. Yang's eyes were still recklessly glancing at Xu Hanxia's body.

                He didn't want to take Xu Hanxia away to apologize, he clearly had his eyes on Xu Hanxia and wanted to take her down!

                However, after he had spoken, Ma Tiancheng did not even say a word back.

                From the moment he entered the room, Ma Tiancheng's expression was stunned and he could not say a word.

                This was because, just as he entered, he saw Lin Mo and the Crown Prince.

                Chief Yang still did not know exactly what had happened and was still yelling there.

                When Xu Jiangong Fang Hui saw that so many big and thick men had come from the other side, both of them were a little frightened in their hearts.

                Especially when they learnt that Ma Tiancheng was an underground big brother in Guang Province, they were even more fearful.

                This kind of person was not like the Nine Families.

                These were desperate people who could not afford to offend!

                The two looked at each other, and Xu Jiangong hurriedly said, "Mr. Ma, the matter, it's not what he said."

                "Actually, it's not a big deal this time, it's just a matter of a car!"

                "We didn't mean any disrespect to you either, it's just that this Mr. Yang is bullying people too much."

                "We all bought the car and he had to snatch it, this ...... this is certainly not suitable ah."

                "Mr. Ma, for this small matter, it's not necessary for you to make a personal trip ......"

                Xu Jiankong's tone of voice and attitude had softened when he said this.

                Mr. Yang smiled and laughed outright: "What, now you know you're afraid?"

                "Wasn't it just now that you were strutting your stuff and being lawless?"

                "What, did you panic at the sight of my Ma?"

                "I'm telling you, if you want to live, kneel here and apologise to me honestly."

                "Otherwise, none of you bastards will be able to walk out of this room today!"

                When Mr. Yang finished speaking, he slapped hard on the table, as if he was Ma Tiancheng.

                Xu Jiangong was so scared that he shivered, facing these desperadoes, he was really afraid ah.

                Just as Xu Jiangong was hesitating to apologise, Lin Mo finally spoke up.

                He glanced at Ma Tiancheng and said slowly, "Ma Tiancheng, this man, is he your brother?"

                Chief Yang immediately became angry, "Damn it, how do you speak?"

                "How dare you call Brother Ma by his name, are you fucking tired of living?"

                "Laozi ......"

                Before he could finish his sentence, there was a hard slap on his head.

                Mr. Yang turned his head, only to see Ma Tiancheng looking at him viciously.

                It was Ma Tiancheng who had just slapped him!

                Chief Yang was a little confused and said in surprise, "Ma, what are you ...... doing?"

                Ma Tiancheng's face was blue and he said angrily, "Shut up!"

                Chief Yang was confused, "Why?"

                "Brother Ma, this son of a bitch is disrespecting you, I'm speaking for you ......"

                Without saying a word, Ma Tiancheng threw several slaps at Chief Yang's face one after another and roared, "Kneel down for me!"

                Mr. Yang was confused, he really couldn't understand.

                This buddy, who usually called him brother and exchanged glasses with him, why did he suddenly change his face?