Medical Genius Chapter 1417

 The salesman looked at the trio and a brilliant look flashed in his eyes, he had met a big customer.

                "Here's the thing, ma'am."

                "We do have a current car here, a Ferrari f12 limited edition, only 799 units worldwide."

                "It was ordered by a customer, but there was a situation with this customer, so the car could not be signed for."

                "We've been asked to ship it back from headquarters, and there's a wealthy man abroad who's prepared to pay a premium for it."

                "However, if you can offer more than that tycoon, we can deliver the car to you!"

                Hearing this, Xu Jiangong and the three of them instantly came to life.

                "How much is it?"

                Xu Jiangong asked enthusiastically.

                The salesman smiled and said, "This car, the original price is eight million seven hundred thousand."

                "That tycoon raised the price by one million three hundred thousand and rounded up ten million."

                "If you're willing to pay ten million, that's fine!"

                Xu Jiangong couldn't help but stare, this price was a bit out of his expectation.

                He and Fang Hui looked at each other, while Fang Hui gritted her teeth and nodded, "Just buy this one!"

                "Why are you still hesitating?"

                "Last time Lin Mo gave you tens of millions of pocket money at once, what's wrong with spending 10 million to buy someone a car?"

                "You have more than 20 storefronts, how much does the rent and decoration cost, don't you think about it yourself?"

                "Man Lin Mo has been so kind to us, shouldn't we, as parents, return the favour?"

                Xu Jiangong smiled, "Of course I'm willing to buy it!"

                "But you're not the one in charge of the money here, hey hey hey ......"

                "Fine, just buy this one!"

                "Here, do the paperwork for me!"

                The salesman was overjoyed, she would definitely get a big commission if this car was sold.

                She led the three into the VIP room and started to arrange the formalities.

                Fang Hui took out her bank card and transferred the money over.

                A bunch of contracts were signed, and just as Xu Jiangong was about to press the last handprint.

                Suddenly, a man wearing a manager's tag rushed in at the door.

                As soon as he entered, he immediately said, "Wait a minute, don't do this procedure yet!"

                The salesman was surprised: "Manager, what's wrong?"

                The manager waved his hand impatiently, "Mr. Yang is here, he has taken a fancy to this car."

                Salesman: "Huh?"

                "But, we ...... have almost finished all the formalities on our side."

                "People have paid for it!"

                The manager glared at her, "So what if the money is paid?"

                "Just give them their money back?"

                "If the paperwork is not completed, the deal is not done."

                "Why don't you just take the paperwork and destroy it?"

                "You're so old, why don't you understand anything?"

                The saleswoman's eyes were red.

                If this order was signed, then she would have a large commission.

                However, seeing that the order was about to be signed, something like this happened in the middle of the process.

                She had lost her business, but most importantly, her commission was gone.

                The manager was full of arrogance: "I'll leave it to you to handle this side of things."

                "I'll go and entertain Mr. Yang first."

                The sales clerk nodded aggressively, her eyes almost bursting into tears.

                That manager was just about to go out, but Xu Jiangong suddenly stood up, "Wait!"

                The manager turned his head: "What is it?"

                Xu Jian Gong said in a cold voice: "What do you think is wrong?"

                "I've paid the money, the contract is almost signed, and you suddenly say the car won't be sold to me?"

                "Tell me yourself, does this fit?"

                The manager frowned and glanced at Xu Jiangong's trio, seeing that these three looked very new, a hint of disdain immediately wiped across the corners of his mouth.

                This manager had been in the provincial city for a long time, and he was familiar with all the big bosses and big shots in the provincial city.

                But Xu Jiangong and the three of them did not even have accents from this side of the province, so how could the manager put them in his eyes?

                The manager said in a cold voice: "I am the manager here, I can sell the car to whomever I want, don't you dispute that?"