Medical Genius Chapter 1414

 Xu Jiangong swallowed hard, forcing down the excitement in his heart, and said in a trembling voice: "This ...... is not suitable, right?"

                "These twenty or so storefronts are all in the most prosperous locations on this side of the provincial city."

                "I ...... have inquired about the rent of these storefronts, any one of them, each month's rent, is in the hundred thousand towards the top."

                "These more than twenty storefronts, all without rent, how ...... this ...... we can accept it?"

                The man laughed and said aloud, "Elder Xu, you must not say that."

                "This matter was ordered down by Mr. Lin, and it is our honor that you use these facades of ours."

                "This is all what we should do, you must not be polite!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was once again shocked, Lin Mo's face, on this side of the provincial capital, was too good to be used, right?

                However, the two of them were still a little hesitant.

                In the earliest days, the two of them had thought about just taking over one or two storefronts.

                That way, after paying the rent, they would still have money left over to renovate the storefronts.

                Now they have more than 20 storefronts at once.

                The rent is free, but the problem is that they can't afford to pay for the renovation.

                If all the 20-odd storefronts were to be decorated according to their pharmacy's specifications, it would be a considerable amount of money.

                With the current financial situation of the pharmacy, it would not be able to support this expenditure.

                The two men looked at each other as they debated whether to accept so many storefronts or not.

                Although these storefronts looked very coveted, once they accepted them, they would have to ask Xu Hanxia to provide them with a lot of money for renovation.

                Moreover, with more than twenty outlets opening at once, their own side would not even be able to free up their staff.

                Just as the two were hesitating, the man spoke again, "Oh, yes, Elder Xu, there is something that I still need to discuss with you."

                Xu Jiangong hurriedly said, "Please go ahead, don't be polite."

                The man smiled, "It's like this."

                "The decoration of this pharmacy of yours, do you have your own style or something?"

                "We have a team of decorators that have already moved into the storefronts."

                "Within three days, all those previous renovations will be removed, and then, the redesign and renovation will begin again for you."

                "However, we don't know your requirements."

                "So, for the sake of convenience, it would be best if you could cooperate with our decoration team and set the style of this facade decoration first, so as not to affect the construction schedule."

                "I wonder if it's convenient for you?"

                Xu Jiangong's eyes widened, "Huh?"

                "Installing ...... a renovation team?"

                "You ...... your decoration team?"

                The man nodded, "Yes."

                "This is the decoration team that our nine families have hired, from some of the biggest decoration companies in the provincial city."

                "They are experienced in this area and can definitely do it to your satisfaction!"

                Xu Jiangong was confused: "This ...... this ...... I haven't decided yet!"

                "The biggest few decoration companies, then their decoration costs, how much does this cost ......"

                He was a little panicked, after all, the pharmacy simply did not have so much money ah.

                The man smiled, "Elder Xu, in terms of funding, our nine great clans will provide it with all our might."

                "You only need to provide the decoration style over, for the rest, you don't need to worry about it."

                "Oh, no, you still have to worry about recruiting staff, and training them."

                "We won't be able to help you with these matters."

                Xu Jiangong's eyes widened, he did not expect that this nine great clans would do things so well.

                It was just as well that all the twenty-odd storefronts were given to them without receiving a single penny.

                As a result, the Nine Great Families even paid out of their own pockets to find a construction team to help them renovate.

                This way, they don't have to worry about anything, they just need to wait for the opening.