Medical Genius Chapter 1411

 Ren Yuanyuan's face was so pale that she couldn't say a word.

                Looking back on her years, from the beginning, when she was deeply in love with Lu Guoxuan, she felt that marrying him was the happiest thing in the world.

                Later on, as her family grew better and better, the more money she had at her disposal and the higher her status, she suddenly felt that Lu Guoxuan was incapable.

                She kept thinking that if she could marry a wealthy family member who could give her more help, she would have a higher status and more assets.

                Therefore, when she later looked at Lu Guoxuan again, she felt more and more that he was useless and regretted her initial choice more and more.

                This regret gradually turned into resentment, leading her to be discontent with Lu Guoxuan in various ways.

                And because of this, even she despised her man, and the rest of the Ren family, even less so, took Lu Guoxuan seriously.

                Anyone in the Ren family could point their finger at Lu Guoxuan and scold him.

                Even the distant relatives of the Ren family, those who were only slightly related to the Ren family, could point their fingers at Lu Guoxuan's nose and swear.

                Over the years, Lu Guoxuan had put up with it, he had never resisted.

                However, this did not mean that he did not feel bad in his heart.

                So, Ren Yuanyuan now wants to beg him for forgiveness, how is this possible?

                It was because of love that she was hurt the most!

                Lu Guoxuan ignored Ren Yuanyuan and, surrounded by the Ren family, turned around and left.

                Next, the assets of the Ren family would be transferred to Lu Guoxuan's name.

                This matter had already been left to the Nine Great Clans by Lin Mo.

                Although the Nine Great Clans were somewhat reluctant, no one dared to oppose Lin Mo.

                After all, the nine great clans were really unable to fight Lin Mo now, so they could only hold their breath.

                In the afternoon, Lin Mo personally took Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui around the city to look for a good storefront.

                Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui, wanted to open the pharmacy in the provincial capital.

                The two of them had previously planned to pay their respects to Master Ren's birthday, so as to get in touch with the Ren family, and then, through the Ren family, open the pharmacy in the provincial capital.

                However, now that they had learned of Lin Mo's identity, then they would not need the Ren family at all.

                Moreover, with Lin Mo's current status, it would be as easy as pie for them to get a storefront anywhere they wanted.

                Lin Mo took them all over the most prosperous parts of the provincial city, marking off all the places they had their eyes on.

                By the end of the night, they had finally run through the dozen or so busy areas.

                After running for half a day, Xu Hanxia was so tired that she lay down on the sofa.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui, on the other hand, was full of excitement. The two of them had just returned to the hotel and immediately took out the map with great enthusiasm.

                "Lin Mo, take a look, the locations we've been eyeing today are all marked on the map."

                "Come, come, let's take this time to hurry up and pick a good location and talk to someone."

                "If we can get it done smoothly, this month, we'll start preparing for the renovation, what do you think?"

                Xu Jiangong said as he handed the map to Lin Mo.

                Fang Hui was also full of excitement, this chain of pharmacies, if it opened to the provincial capital, then the reputation of this pharmacy would be completely opened up.

                By then, the pharmacy would grow bigger and bigger, and the value of the two of them would rise.

                Although their family is now quite rich, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui still hopes to make a career of his own.

                When they see their old friends, they will have something to brag about. At least, it was something they had made on their own!

                Lin Mo smiled and handed the map to Xu Jiangong: "Dad, why did you choose it?"

                "If you like what you see, then why don't you just take it all?"

                Xu Jiangong's eyes widened: "Lin Mo, what ...... are you talking about?"

                "This ...... dozen places, I have eyes on more than twenty storefronts, if we want to take them all, then ...... how much would that cost?"