Medical Genius Chapter 1410

 Lin Mo and the others kept eating their lunch, and only then did they walk out of the private room.

                Outside, those people from the Ren Family were still kneeling on the ground, none of them daring to get up and leave.

                When they saw Lin Mo and the others walk out, the exhausted Ren family members immediately knelt straight and looked at Lin Mo with respect.

                Lin Mo didn't even look at them and left straight away.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui walked behind them, they were accompanying Lu Guoxuan.

                Xu Jiangong swept his gaze over the Ren family and coughed lightly in triumph, "Alright, all stand up!"

                "Count yourselves lucky that Old Lu pleaded for you before my son-in-law agreed to spare you."

                "Otherwise, just you dog-eyed fellows, you should be made to die here on your knees alive!"

                All of them looked at Lu Guoxuan in unison, their faces full of gratitude.

                Lu Guoxuan, on the other hand, had an embarrassed look on his face; in fact, he didn't say anything.

                Xu Jian Gong was doing this to deliberately give him a face lift.

                In his heart, Lu Guoxuan was also extremely grateful to Xu Jiankong, this was a true friend!

                Xu Jiangong patted Lu Guoxuan's shoulder, "Old Lu, we'll leave first."

                "You take care of this side of things."

                "If there's anything you need to help with, you can just tell us."

                "Don't worry, we've been friends for a lifetime, your business is our business!"

                Lu Guoxuan was full of gratitude, "Jian Gong, thank you!"

                Xu Jian Gong laughed, "Fuck you, what are you thanking me for?"

                "When I was poor, if you hadn't saved up some personal money and lent it to me, I might have starved to death!"

                "We've been friends for a long time, I don't even say thank you to you, what are you thanking me for?"

                Lu Guoxuan smiled honestly, in this life, to have such a friend, it is worth it!

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui left, Lu Guoxuan looked at the Ren family, a little at a loss for a while.

                All these years, in the Ren family, he had been bullied by people. These people, had never given him a good look.

                Now that his status had suddenly changed, he was somewhat unable to adapt.

                On the contrary, the people of the Ren family were very resourceful and ran over to surround Lu Guoxuan, all sorts of booing and flattering.

                Even Ren Yuanyuan walked up to Lu Guoxuan's side and whispered, "Guoxuan, what happened before, it was all my fault, I got carried away, I'm really sorry."

                "Can you forgive me, let's start afresh."

                "I know, you've suffered a lot over the years, it's all my fault, I ...... I'll make it up to you."

                "You give me one more chance, OK?"

                Lu Guoxuan looked at this woman he once loved the most, his heart was a little hard to bear.

                At the beginning, the two people made a mountainous vow and came together despite everything.

                They thought it was for love, but then everything changed.

                Because he could not earn money, because the Ren family went higher and higher, he became a burden to Ren Yuanyuan instead, and was humiliated by Ren Yuanyuan in various ways.

                Over the years, the most important reason why Lu Guoxuan has suffered so much in the family is that Ren Yuanyuan has never been able to see him either.

                Even Ren Yuanyuan did not support him, so who else in the Ren family would have put him in their eyes?

                Lu Guoxuan took a deep breath and shook his head ruefully, "Yuan, it's too late for everything."

                "It's impossible for us to start all over again!"

                Ren Yuanyuan was anxious: "Why? Why?"

                "Guoxuan, you ...... said that the person you love most is me!"

                "Why can't we start over?"

                "I've apologized to you ah, you ...... are a man, can't you be more generous?"

                Lu Guoxuan's eyes were slightly red as he said softly, "The person I love the most has always been you, and it has never changed."

                "But, precisely because of this, the hurt you have inflicted on me is the most bitter!"

                "You know what? In this life, I don't care whether people treat me well or badly, the only thing I care about is your attitude!"