Medical Genius Chapter 141-143

 Chapter 141

The girl who was scolded had a resigned look on her face, "How do you ...... know he is Yuan De?"

                "Have you seen Yuan De?"

                "How do you know if that's a fake?"

                The man said angrily, "Of course I've seen it!"

                "I had the pleasure of meeting him once a few years earlier when I was in the pharmaceutical business."

                "Besides, people go upstairs for fucking dinner, they have to be at least platinum to go upstairs."

                "Who are you to say people are fake?"

                "Those few people around the person are all big names in the medical industry in Guangyang."

                "Even if Yuan De is fake, can those people next to him be fake?"

                The crowd around nodded their heads, most of them did not know Yuan De.

                However, they still knew those few big local figures in Guangyang City.

                These big shots all had to be so respectful to Yuan De, could this identity still be fake?

                Ping Ping listened to the conversation of the crowd, and her face became ugly to the extreme.

                Just now she had thought that Xu Hanxia was bragging, but to her surprise, what Xu Hanxia said was true.

                "Hanxia, your company has so much business."

                "No wonder it doesn't need Sheng Yuan Group's business."

                Ping Ping said resentfully.

                Xu Hanxia smiled, "No matter what, thank you!"

                Ping's face eased slightly as she glanced at Lin Mo again, "Surnamed Lin, I said why your temper has grown, it turns out that you have a bottom!"

                "But I'll say it again for you."

                "You're just a son-in-law, even if the Xu family is rich, it has nothing to do with you!"

                "It's fine to eat soft rice, but one has to have self-awareness, understand?"

                Lin Mo bristled, if he wasn't worried about Xu Hanxia being in the middle, he would have thrown a glass of wine in this woman's face.

                If he wasn't worried about Xu Hanxia being in the middle, he would have thrown a glass of wine in this woman's face.

                You think you can really tell the world what to do here?

                After chatting for a while, Ping suddenly took an opportunity to change the subject to housing.

                "Oh, yes."

                "Sheng Yuan Group, has arranged a large flat for Peter, over two hundred square feet, right in Sheng Shi Hua Ting."

                "Han Xia, didn't you used to like the house in Sheng Shi Hua Ting the most?"

                "Some day when I'm free, I'll take you in for a spin."

                "The environment inside is so beautiful, it's simply the most beautiful house I've ever seen in my life, you'll love it!"

                Xu Hanxia's smile was a little forced.

                She had seen the brochure of Shengshi Hua Ting before and loved the houses inside, and had dreamed of living there.

                However, even though she was now the chairman of Xu Pharmaceutical and was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

                But her money was mainly inside the company, and she didn't actually have much money herself.

                If she wanted to buy such a mansion, that was simply impossible.

                Seeing Xu Hanxia's expression, Ping's vanity was greatly satisfied.

                She gave Lin Mo another oblique glance and sneered, "That's right."

                "If you're going to my house, don't bring those wimps who only eat soft rice!"

                "Those who live in Sheng Shi Hua Ting are all upper class people in Guangyang City."

                "Letting a wimp in is simply a desecration of that kind of high-end place, understand?"

                Xu Hanxia frowned slightly, as Ping Ping insulted Lin Mo like that, making her a little annoyed as well.


                "However, a place that high end is not for little people like us to go to."

                "We won't bother!"

Chapter 142

Peter laughed lightly, "Miss Xu, you are mistaken."

                "What we don't welcome are certain reckless barbarians."

                "A beautiful lady like you, we can't wait to welcome you!"

                "By the way, I'm going to have a party at home at the weekend."

                "When the time comes, I will invite some friends from our country, all civilised gentlemen, including some really big names."

                "Miss Xu can come to our party, and when the time comes, I'll introduce some more big names to you, which will also help your career!"

                Ping nodded immediately, "Yes, yes, yes, Hanxia, you must come then!"

                "Peter knows a lot of rich sons in their country."

                "Among them are many descendants of plutocratic families, all of whom are absolutely rich and handsome."

                "You're definitely their type, when the time comes, I'll definitely save the best handsome guy for you!"

                Lin Mo frowned as he listened from the side, I'm still here, what do you guys mean by this?

                Xu Hanxia shook her head, "No way!"

                "I'm already married, I don't need to meet any handsome guys."

                "A party like this is not for me either!"

                Ping was anxious, she really wanted to introduce Xu Hanxia to a few big shots.

                That way, she would be able to raise her status among these people, and she might even get a lot of benefits.

                In Ping's eyes, Xu Hanxia was an important bargaining chip for her to move up the ladder.

                Ping pretended to be angry: "Halfsia, my fiancĂ© personally invited you and you don't even give this face?"

                "Besides, meeting more people will help your career."

                "Who says you can't go to a party just because you're married?"

                "Lin Mo, tell me yourself, do you support Hanxia's participation in this party?"

                "Do you want to enable Hanxia's career to develop further?"

                "If you're a man, you should know what to do."

                "You can't help Hanxia, aren't you going to let Hanxia fight for herself?"

                "Don't you want Hanxia to be successful, don't you want Hanxia to be happy?"

                Lin Mo had a speechless face, this Ping Ping was really shameless.

                You're going to introduce my daughter-in-law to another man, and you're questioning whether I'm willing to do so?

                If I don't want to, I'll be hindering Xu Hanxia's career and I'll be a sinner for the ages?

                What kind of bullshit is that?

                Just as Lin Mo was about to retaliate, a few people suddenly walked in at the door.

                The first one was none other than Tiger.

                He was just about to go upstairs when he suddenly saw Lin Mo over here, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

                "Mr. Lin, you're here too!"

                "This must be Madam Lin, Madam Lin, how are you!"

                Tiger hurriedly ran over and nodded his head beside Lin Mo.

                Ping Ping glanced at Tiger disdainfully, in her opinion, anyone who could know Lin Mo could still be some kind of big shot?

                What's more, he was so respectful to Lin Mo, so this tiger must be a small person who is not worth mentioning!

                Xu Hanxia was slightly surprised, "Who is this?"

                Tiger smiled, "Oh, my name is Tiger, I'm the purchasing manager of our company's affiliated medicinal herb company!"

                Ping immediately laughed coldly, it turned out to be just a small manager of a branch under Xu's Pharmaceutical.

                It was no wonder that he was nodding and bowing to Lin Mo.

                He probably couldn't see the Xu family's situation and thought that he could get a promotion even if he flattered Lin Mo.

                Thinking of this, Ping looked at Tiger with even more contempt.

                This kind of small person, Ping Ping has never put in her eyes!

Chapter 143

The herb company had been doing well in business recently, and Xu Hanxia was very satisfied.

                "Oh, so it's you."

                "The company's business has been doing very well recently, thank you for your hard work!"

                Tiger was overjoyed at this compliment: "Madam Lin is very kind, this is all we should do."

                "Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, I will not disturb your meal."

                "Waiter, this table, put it on my tab!"

                Ping punched the table straight away, "Who are you looking down on?"

                "What, we can't afford a meal and need a little person like you to settle the bill?"

                Lao Hu froze for a moment, as the saying goes, reaching out and not smiling.

                He had been so polite, why had this woman suddenly snapped?

                He was confused about Ping Ping's relationship with Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia, so he didn't dare to get angry for a while and could only smile with her.

                Xu Hanxia looked embarrassed: "Pingping, the tiger also has good intentions, why do you have to be angry?"

                Ping Ping looked contemptuous: "What good intentions?"

                "It's just an ass-kisser!"

                "You want to kiss Lin Mo's ass, go away and do it, do you have a say here?"

                "And credit you?"

                "What's the matter, looking down on us? Think we can't even afford a meal?"

                "Do you know who my husband is? Do you know what my husband does?"

                Tiger was so annoyed in his heart that if it wasn't for Lin Mo's sake, he would have lashed out long ago.

                At this moment, however, Lin Mo smiled first, "Mr. Peter, don't you know him?"

                Peter glanced arrogantly at the tiger, "Sorry, I just came to China, and the people I came into contact with, are all high society figures in China."

                The implication was to say that he didn't know such a low level person like Tiger.

                Tiger almost cursed out, what the fuck are you, daring to talk to me like that?

                Lin Mo laughed, "Mr. Peter, could you be misremembering?"

                "Are you sure, you don't know him?"

                Peter said proudly, "Did I not make myself clear enough?"

                "I don't know such a small person!"

                Lin Mo laughed, "Mr. Peter, you are the president of his brother's company, and you don't even know him?"

                Everyone was stunned, and Tiger was surprised, "Mr. Lin, what ...... what president of my brother's company?"

                Peter's eyes widened and his expression became a little uncomfortable.

                Xu Hanxia was also confused, Tiger was actually Chen Shengyuan's cousin?

                How did such a character run off to become the purchasing manager of a medicinal herb company?

                Lin Mo smiled, "This Mr. Peter is said to be the senior president that your brother, Chen Shengyuan, specially invited back!"

                "He's in charge of all of Sheng Yuan Group's business, including the business with Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "Just now, he even said that he would completely cut off the business with Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                Tiger's eyes widened and he broke into a fury, "Bullshit!"

                "All the business of my brother's company is personally taken care of by my brother, how could he hire an outsider to be the president?"

                "I've never heard of this!"

                "Hey, tell me clearly, which Sheng Yuan Group are you the president of?"

                Peter's face was pale and his voice stuttered, "I ...... I don't know what you're talking about ......"

                "I'm the president of the Shengyuan Group, I ...... I just took office, it's normal for you not to know ......"

                Tiger was furious: "Still fucking lying to Laozi?"

                "Fine! My brother is coming over later too, let's talk about it when he comes over."

                "Pretending to be the president of the Shengyuan Group and waving around outside, do you know what the consequences are?"

                "That's fraud!"

                "Fuck, I'll let you go to jail!"