Medical Genius Chapter 1408

 At this moment, Master Ren had some regrets.

                He regretted why he didn't just take these few people and kneel down.

                If they had kneeled then, at least, their lives would have been saved ah.

                Just for the sake of his own face, for the sake of the resentment in his heart, in the end, watching these people die in front of him, Master Ren blamed himself to the core in his heart.

                At the same time, his heart was filled with despair and helplessness.

                There was a time when he felt that the Ren Family had already reached the pinnacle, and that it was highly likely that they would go even further and cross over into the ranks of the top ten families.

                But who would have thought that in front of Lin Mo, this proud strength of the Ren Family would be so unbearable.

                With a single word, Lin Mo was able to easily crush the entire Ren Family and even wipe it out completely.

                This was the true difference!

                Compared to a true big shot, the Ren Family was really like a mole that could be crushed to death at will.

                While watching those few people from the Ren Family being thrown out of the window, Lin Mo acted as if nothing had happened.

                He looked at Elder Ren and laughed lightly, "Elder Ren, I admire your backbone!"

                "However, admiration is admirable, but your Ren family has to pay a price for disrespecting my parents, right?"

                Master Ren gritted his teeth and whispered, "We've all knelt down, moreover, so many people have died in our Ren family, isn't that a price to pay?"

                "What exactly do you ...... want more of?"

                Lin Mo: "It's simple, from today onwards, you will hand over all the family's properties to your son-in-law, Lu Guoxuan."

                "From now on, the Ren family is headed by Lu Guoxuan!"

                Master Ren's eyes widened as he looked at Lin Mo with an incredulous expression, "What did you ...... you say?"

                "That's my Ren family's family assets, who are you ...... to make me hand them over to Lu Guoxuan?"

                Lin Mo: "You can also choose not to give it to him."

                "However, I can also kill everyone in your Ren family, leaving Lu Guoxuan alone, so that he can inherit all your Ren family's properties as a matter of course!"

                "Master Ren, which method do you think, is more appropriate?"

                Master Ren's face turned miserable white as he gritted his teeth, unable to utter a single word.

                If it was before, he would only think that Lin Mo was bragging.

                However, this time, after these few people from the Ren family were thrown out, he knew that Lin Mo was truly ruthless in his actions.

                If he said he wanted to kill all the Ren family members, then he could definitely do it!

                Even, he couldn't help but think of the Feng family from before.

                He had heard before that the Feng family had been wiped out overnight because they had offended a big shot.

                Now he suddenly understood that the Feng family, must have been exterminated because they had offended Lin Mo!

                The Feng Family, that was one of the oldest ten families in Guang Province.

                It was more powerful than two Ren families.

                Such a large family had been exterminated, what was the Ren Family worth?

                Master Ren's face was pale, and only after a long time did he slowly nod his head: "Okay, I ...... I promise you ......"

                Lin Mo harrumphed, "Master Ren, those who know the time are the best!"

                "Breaking the bank, isn't this a normal thing?"

                "When people live, they can still have the chance to rise again!"

                "Once a person dies, then there is nothing left!"

                Master Ren bowed his head, unable to say a word, his heart still filled with remorse and pain.

                He had never dreamed that his 80th birthday tonight would also directly lead to the decline of the Ren family.

                Had he known that this was the case, he should have directly dragged Xu Jiangong Fang Hui to the main seat in the inner hall at that time.

                With Lu Guoxuan and Xu Jiangong's relationship, the Ren family could definitely climb into a relationship with Lin Mo, and that would really be climbing up the ladder.

                The funny thing is that one still thinks that Xu Jiangong Fang Hui is trying to climb into wealth and power.

                But I didn't know that the Ren family had already missed an excellent opportunity to really climb the ladder of wealth and power!