Medical Genius Chapter 1405

 This was the top floor of the Wanhe Hotel, throwing himself from here would have killed Ren Guangyuan for sure!

                The Ren family shouted in shock as Master Ren rolled his eyes and collapsed straight down.

                A few people were scrambling to help him up, and someone was pinching him hard.

                It took a while before Master Ren woke up.

                He let out a miserable scream, "My son!"

                "You ...... how dare you kill my son, I ...... my Ren family and you will not share the same fate!"

                "Kill him for me and avenge Yuan's son!"

                The Ren family members rushed over, ready to surround Lin Mo with a large number of people.

                Master Ren also stood up and shouted, "Nine family masters, this is a private matter between my Ren family and this Lin surname, it has nothing to do with you!"

                "Today, either he dies or I die!"

                "I hope that the nine great families will not get involved in this matter, lest they hurt the innocent!"

                Master Ren's face was cold, he was now completely mad, he even dared to say the words to threaten the Nine Great Clans.

                However, this also completely revealed his determination, he was going to completely fight Lin Mo to the death!

                Lin Mo stood with his hands folded, calmly looking at the nine great clans as he waited for the nine great clans to state their position.

                The nine family heads looked at each other, and in the end, all of them looked towards Wang Xingyun.

                Honestly, they would like to see the Ren Family and Lin Mo fight to a standstill.

                But the problem was that everyone was very clear.

                Even if everyone in the Ren Family threw their lives away here, they would definitely not be a match for Lin Mo.

                However, if they chose to stand by and do nothing at this time, then they would not be able to explain to Lin Mo afterwards.

                Wang Xingyun quickly made his decision, and he directly waved his hand, "How dare you!"

                "Ren, how dare you provoke Mr. Lin?"

                "With my nine great clans here, today, you won't be able to touch a single hair on Mr. Lin's head!"

                "Men, take them all down for me!"

                The people from the Nine Great Clans stepped in and pinned all those people from the Ren Family to the ground.

                Master Ren was shivering with anger and said angrily, "Wang Xingyun, my Ren family and your Wang family are considered old friends."

                "You ...... Why are you meddling in our personal grudge?"

                Wang Xingyun sneered, "Mr. Lin is the honorable man of the wide province."

                "In this matter, there is no such thing as a private grudge."

                "If you go against Mr. Lin, you are going against my Nine Great Clans!"

                Master Ren was so angry that he couldn't utter a single word.

                Wang Xingyun then looked at Lin Mo and respectfully said, "Mr. Lin, what do you want to do with these people?"

                Lin Mo also ignored him and just looked at Lu Qingyun, "Now, are you willing to answer?"

                Lu Qingyun had just watched Lin Mo throw his eldest uncle out with his own eyes, and he had been scared out of his wits.

                Now that he was being stared at by Lin Mo, he was only trembling with fear. His mouth was wide open, but he couldn't make a sound at all.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, and directly pushed Lu Qingyun towards the window.

                Seeing such a situation, Ren Yuanyuan finally came back to her senses.

                She hurriedly ran to Lu Guoxuan and said urgently, "Guoxuan, Guoxuan, save Qingyun!"

                "He's your son, you ...... are you really going to watch him die here like this?"

                Lu Guoxuan also looked embarrassed.

                Although Lu Qingyun had no respect for him at all, this was after all his own son.

                He gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, can you ...... spare his life?"

                "I only have this one son, if he has done anything wrong, I ...... I apologize to you."

                "I beg you to spare his life for the sake of Jian Gong ......"

                Lu Guoxuan's face was pleading, as a father, he really couldn't bear to watch his son die like this.

                Lin Mo glanced at Lu Guoxuan, he knew that this was Xu Jiankong's good friend.

                After a moment of silence, Lin Mo put Lu Qingyun on the ground.

                Lu Qingyun took a long breath and was just about to speak when Lin Mo suddenly backhanded him with a slap, slamming him hard on the face.