Medical Genius Chapter 1404

 Lin Mo looked at Xu Jian Gong, "Dad, what exactly happened just now?"

                "How did you get into a fight with them?"

                Now that Xu Jiangong knew Lin Mo's identity, he no longer had any worries and immediately told him what had just happened.

                Hearing those words of Lu Qingyun insulting Xu Hanxia, Lin Mo's face immediately turned gloomy to the extreme.

                This was the woman he loved the most, whoever dared to insult Xu Hanxia was looking for death!

                As soon as Xu Jiangong finished speaking, Fang Hui immediately spoke again about what happened downstairs earlier.

                Fang Hui's words were much sharper than Xu Jiankong's.

                Not only did she tell the story of how she had been bullied before, but she also added more fuel to the fire.

                After hearing these words, even Xu Hanxia was furious.

                Next to him, Wang Xingyun and the others also frowned, this time, the Ren family had gone too far.

                The Huang family head said in a deep voice, "Master Ren, is this how your Ren family does things?"

                "Mr. Xu and Ms. Fang brought gifts to pay their respects to you, even if they didn't have an invitation, they were still giving you face."

                "Not only did you throw people out, but you even broke the jade sculpture and had people clean up there?"

                "You guys are simply bullying people too much!"

                Another family head said coldly, "Hmph, I've long heard that the Ren family is extremely overbearing in their actions."

                "When I saw it today, it really lives up to its name!"

                "This kind of family, if they make it into the Ten Families, they might cause a lot of trouble for the Ten Families in the future!"

                The other family heads, nodded in agreement.

                Master Ren's face was embarrassed to the extreme, and he lowered his head without saying a word.

                It was no longer a matter of whether or not the Ren Family could make it into the Top Ten Families, after tonight, I was afraid that the Ren Family's status in Guang Province would be in ruins!

                However, he didn't have time to worry about that now.

                The most crucial thing now was how to get through the difficult situation in front of him.

                After hearing Fang Hui's words, Lin Mo slowly nodded, "Mom and Dad, I understand."

                "Hanxia, you take Mom and Dad into the private room first."

                "I'll take care of things here!"

                What was going to happen next was going to be bloody, and Lin Mo didn't want them to see it.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly took Xu Jiangong Fang Hui into the room.

                He slowly walked in front of Lu Qingyun and looked at him condescendingly, "Do you have any evidence for what you just said about my wife?"

                Lu Qingyun was so frightened that he shivered and could not utter a word.

                Lin Mo bent down and looked straight at him, "I asked you something, didn't you hear me?"

                "If you don't answer, I'll throw you out from here!"

                Lu Qingyun opened his mouth, but he couldn't even make a sound, he was really frightened.

                Lin Mo: "It looks like you are really unwilling to answer!"

                After saying that, he fiercely reached out and directly clasped Lu Qingyun's neck, picking him up by his entire body.

                Then, Lin Mo walked over to the window and opened it to throw Lu Qingyun out.

                Ren Yuanyuan was almost scared to death, shivering and lost in thought, not knowing what to do anymore.

                Just then, a middle-aged man quickly rushed over and stopped Lin Mo.

                "Mr. Lin, our Ren family respects you, but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!"

                "Qing Yun is a descendant of my Ren Family, if you want to kill him, then you are declaring war on my Ren Family!"

                "Although my Ren Family is not as good as the Ten Great Families, it is not something that others can bully at will!"

                "I, Ren Guangyuan, still have some connections in Guang Province, and I am still one of the ten richest men in Guang Province."

                "If Mr. Lin is willing to give my Ren Family a small face, my Ren Family, will definitely give Mr. Lin an explanation!"

                This man, was the most powerful person in the Ren Family right now.

                He was one of the ten richest men in Guang Province, and his influence in Guang Province was not much worse than that of the heads of the ten largest families.

                He had personally come out to put some pressure on Lin Mo, so that Lin Mo would throw in the towel.

                However, Lin Mo was not moved in the slightest.

                He glanced at Ren Guangyuan, "Have you finished?"

                "If you've finished, then you should go down first!"

                After saying that, Lin Mo waved his hand.

                Several people around the prince rushed over and directly threw Ren Guangyuan out of the window.