Medical Genius Chapter 1403

 Lin Mo ignored Master Ren, who was kneeling on the ground, as he walked over and helped Xu Jiankong up.

                "Dad, how are you?"

                "Are there any injuries?"

                Lin Mo asked in a soft voice.

                Xu Jiangong was still in a daze.

                How could he have ever imagined that his son-in-law, even in the provincial capital, would have such influence!

                Although when they were in the room just now, the nine great families went in to visit them separately.

                However, Xu Jiangong did not know these people, nor did he know what exactly these nine great families represented.

                In his opinion, the Ren family was a big family in Guang Province, a big power that could almost enter the top ten families in Guang Province.

                Such a large family was definitely able to crush the top ten families in Guangyang City.

                With the current situation of the Xu family, it could not be compared to the Ren family at all.

                Therefore, even though he had just suffered a loss downstairs, he did not mention this matter to Lin Mo after entering the house.

                He didn't intend to let Lin Mo know about it either, so as not to get into a conflict with the Ren family, after all, he felt that Lin Mo couldn't fight the Ren family.

                But he never dreamed that this Master Ren, who had not even given him a straight look just now, would now kneel down in front of Lin Mo and beg for forgiveness.

                "Lin Mo, what the ...... hell is going on here?"

                Xu Jiangong asked in a low voice.

                Fang Hui and Xu Hanxia also looked at Lin Mo in shock, both of them were also full of confusion.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, and the prince next to him said directly, "You don't know yet?"

                "Your son-in-law, right now, is the venerable of Guang Province."

                "These nine great clans in Guang Province have all been tidied up and subdued by him!"

                "From now on, within Guang Province, everyone has to be respected by your son-in-law."

                Xu Jiangong's eyes widened, his face full of incredulity, "This ...... is true?"

                The prince shrugged his shoulders and pointed to the people of the nine great clans around him, "Here, the heads of the nine great clans in Guang Province are all going to visit your son-in-law one by one."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui looked at each other, the two of them were completely confused, Xu Hanxia was also full of shock.

                The fact that Lin Mo was able to rise to prominence in Guangyang City had already shocked them to the core and excited them to the core at the same time.

                However, who could have imagined that Lin Mo's potential was more than that?

                It had only been a short time since the Xu family had risen in Guangyang City, and Lin Mo had already swallowed the whole of Guangyang Province!

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was trembling with excitement, as Lin Mo was the revered leader of Guangyang Province, then wouldn't their Xu Family, too, be following him further?

                At this moment, Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were even more glad that they had found Lin Mo as their son-in-law.

                Perhaps, this was the best thing they had done in their lives!

                On the other hand, over here, the Ren family members were all trembling with fear as they listened to these words.

                The prince had said these words, and the nine great clans had not refuted them in the slightest, so that meant that what the prince said was true.

                In other words, they had really provoked the Venerable of the Canton Province!

                The Ren family members were now practically turning blue in their guts, had they known such a situation, how would they have dared to provoke Xu Jian Gong Lu Guoxuan?

                Master Ren's face was pale and cold sweat continued to seep out from his forehead.

                He knew that this time, the matter was really a big deal.

                Even if he kneeled here and begged for forgiveness, it might not have any effect!

                He quietly winked at Ren Yuanyuan and asked her to beg Lu Guoxuan.

                At this point in time, the Ren family's face was no longer useful.

                The only hope was Lu Guoxuan.

                Lu Guoxuan was Xu Jiangong's good friend, and as long as Lu Guoxuan was willing to beg, there was still hope for the Ren family.

                When Ren Yuanyuan saw what the old man meant, her face could not help but turn swollen red.

                Honestly, over the years, she had no feelings for Lu Guoxuan at all anymore.

                Not only that, but even, she had often been unreasonable towards Lu Guoxuan, looking for trouble of all kinds.

                She simply despised Lu Guoxuan, and now, the old man was asking her to beg him, wasn't this asking her to bow down to Lu Guoxuan?

                She really did not want to bow down to Lu Guoxuan!