Medical Genius Chapter 1402

 As Master Ren stood by, he had been observing the expressions of the nine great house masters.

                Honestly, at first he was also a little suspicious of Lin Mo and the Crown Prince's identities.

                However, upon seeing the expressions of Wang Xingyun and the others, he was suddenly shocked to realise that Lin Mo and the Crown Prince's identities should not be fakes!

                These nine great family masters, they were not fools either, how could they have been fooled so easily?

                So, the only possibility was that Lin Mo was really the heir of Nanba Tian, and the man next to him was really the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!

                If that was the case, then this time, the matter would be a big deal.

                Whether it was Nanba Tian or the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng, neither of them was something that the Ren Family could mess with!

                What the Ren Family had done, and what Lu Qingyun had said, were enough to bring the Ren Family to its doom!

                Master Ren's face was ashen as he suddenly rushed over and cracked two slaps on Lu Qingyun's face, angrily saying, "Bastard, how dare you speak to the Crown Prince like that?"

                "You ...... kneel down for me!"

                Lu Qingyun was dumbfounded, he didn't expect that his grandfather would actually strike himself.

                "Grandfather, what ...... happened to you?"

                "They are just liars, why should I kneel?"

                Lu Qingyun said sharply.

                Master Ren was so angry that his body shivered, it's already this time, and you still want to be stubborn?

                Master Ren grabbed his cane and slammed it into Lu Qingyun's leg, angrily saying, "If you don't kneel, I'll break both of your dog legs!"

                Lu Qingyun was full of reluctance, but he had to kneel down.

                He strained his neck and looked at Lin Mo and the Crown Prince with a face full of defiance.

                Master Ren turned his head as he gritted his teeth and suddenly fell to his knees as well, saying in a trembling voice, "Mr. Lin, Crown Prince, I'm really sorry."

                "This villain, how dare he disrespect the two of you like this, it is my fault for not disciplining him properly!"

                "I ...... am here to say sorry to you two for him, I hope you will be generous and not bother with this dog for any offense."

                All of the Ren family were dumbfounded, no one had expected that Master Ren would personally kneel down.

                The crowd looked at the two young men in front of them, and their faces had changed.

                Even when Master Ren met the family heads of the Ten Great Families, he was still not subservient.

                As a result, he was now kneeling in front of these two young men, so was there any need to talk about the status of these two young men?

                Lu Qingyun directly collapsed to the ground, unable to kneel steadily.

                The Ren family members also trembled with fear.

                Remembering what they had just done to Xu Hanxia and Xu Jiankong, they were all in a panic.

                Having previously decided that the big man inside was Master Xue Wu, they thought that Master Xue would not start a conflict with the Ren family over a woman, so they did not care.

                Only now did they realise that the big man inside was Xu Hanxia's husband, Xu Jiankong's son-in-law.

                In such a situation, they were insulting Xu Hanxia and bullying Xu Jiankong, wasn't that seeking death?

                The Ren family stared at Lu Qingyun, and they were now simply remorseful to the core.

                At that time, if Lu Qingyun hadn't insisted on causing trouble, how could so many things have happened?

                Now, it had become a big deal, how could this end?

                Master Ren was kneeling on the ground, and he was also sweating profusely.

                Other than that, he couldn't account for the fact that he had just driven Xu Jiankong Fang Hui out of the birthday banquet downstairs.

                He was also extremely remorseful now.

                If he had known that Xu Jiangong Fang Hui had such a son-in-law, he would have invited these two people to his seat no matter what.

                Moreover, with the relationship between the two of them and Lu Guoxuan, the Ren family could be said to have been in a unique position at that time to be able to draw closer to Lin Mo.

                With the respectful attitude of the nine family heads towards Lin Mo, as long as Lin Mo said a word, the Ren family would definitely be able to enter the top ten families.

                However, it was such a good opportunity that was thrown in front of the Ren Family, but it was pushed away by them.

                Not only did they fail to make good relations, but they also froze the relationship, which really killed them!