Medical Genius Chapter 1401

 Hearing these words, all of the Ren family were dumbfounded.

                Master Ren's eyes were almost glazed over as he looked at Lin Mo in shock, his face full of shock and confusion.

                The heir to Nanba Tian?

                The Venerable of Canton Province?

                Such a young man, what right did he have?

                Even when Nan Baitian was around, the top ten families of Guangyang Province, who just couldn't enter Guangyang City, didn't need to be particularly respectful to Nan Baitian, ah.

                However, now this young man, after inheriting everything from Nan Batian, had even bowed down to the Ten Great Families.

                Could it be that he was even more powerful than Nan Baitian?

                Countless thoughts passed through Master Ren's mind, but, at this moment, he knew one thing most clearly, that the Ren family had kicked a steel plate this time.

                The top ten families in Guangdong Province all had to respect him, so how could such a big shot be provoked by the Ren family?

                Next to him, Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui and even Xu Hanxia were all confused.

                They also did not know that Lin Mo had such an unbelievable status in Guang Province.

                When they first arrived in the provincial city, they still thought that Lin Mo didn't have much of a background in the provincial city.

                Now, it seemed that they had been mistaken.

                Lin Mo's situation was truly beyond their imagination!

                Lu Qingyun's eyes widened as he trembled, "How is this ...... possible?"

                "Isn't he that Xu Hanxia's husband?"

                "How could he be the heir of Nanba Tian?"

                "Also, how could he be the Venerable of Guang Province?"

                "Master Wang Family, have you guys made a mistake? Have you been tricked by someone?"

                "This must be a fraud, you guys investigate his identity, he must be a fake ah ......"

                Wang Xingyun glanced at him indifferently, "You think he's a fake? Then do you know, who is the one beside him?"

                Lu Qingyun glanced at the prince next to him and sneered, "This must be his accomplice!"

                "Family Master Wang, this kind of liar must have quite a few accomplices, all of whom are no fucking good!"

                "Family Master Wang, you mustn't trust them!"

                The prince's face immediately changed, no one had ever dared to scold him like this in front of him!

                Wang Xingyun, however, laughed secretly in his heart.

                This Lu Qingyun, he was simply a fool.

                Daring to call the crown prince a liar, wasn't that seeking death?

                With the Crown Prince's character, he would definitely not let the Ren Family go.

                When the time came, if the Ren Family collapsed, the Nine Great Clans would be able to take advantage of the situation and swallow up everything the Ren Family had and make a fortune while they could!

                Wang Xingyun was secretly happy in his heart, but his face was full of emotion, "Lu Qingyun, you really deserve to die!"

                "Do you know that this man next to Mr. Lin is Mr. Lin's brother!"

                "And his brother's name, you must have heard of it."

                "He is the famous Prince of Hai Cheng!"

                At these words, the scene was in an uproar.

                Those people from the Ren family were all scared silly.

                They had all heard of the words Prince of Hai Cheng.

                That was the most famous playboy in Hai Cheng, and even in the six southern provinces, no playboy would be willing to mess with him.

                Not to mention the Ren family, even the members of the top ten families in the southern six provinces would tremble in fear when they saw the prince!

                Lu Qingyun's eyes were about to glaze over as he stared at the Crown Prince for half a day before finally shaking his head very decisively.

                "This is definitely not true, it must be a fake, a fraud!"

                "Master of the Wang family, you must have been tricked!"

                "This son of a bitch, how dare he fake the identity of the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng?"

                "He simply doesn't want to live!"

                "I'm now looking for my friends over in Sea City, so that they can tell the Crown Prince about this, and I'll see how they die!"

                Lu Qingyun exclaimed.

                Wang Xingyun laughed coldly without saying anything, and as for the other eight family heads, they also had different expressions.

                Some laughed coldly, some shook their heads and sighed, while others had a look of amusement on their faces.

                It was clear to everyone that with Lu Qingyun saying these words, the Ren Family was truly finished this time!