Medical Genius Chapter 1400

 The Ren Clan rushed towards Lin Mo in unison, wanting to surround Lin Mo with a large number of people.

                Just at that moment, people from the nine great clans all around suddenly rushed up.

                "I'll see who dares to be rude to Mr. Lin!"

                "Damn it, whoever dares to touch Mr. Lin, I'll have his life!"

                "Stop right there, whoever moves one more time will be thrown down the stairs for me!"

                All nine family masters also stood out, roaring in anger.

                Although the Ren family had quite a few people, however, compared to the nine great clans, it was a far cry from them.

                As soon as they came up, the men from the Nine Great Clans directly knocked all the Ren Family men to the ground, pressing their heads to the ground one by one, not even having the chance to resist.

                The Ren family were all dumbfounded, they had no idea what was going on here.

                How could the people of the Nine Great Clans suddenly rush up to help Lin Mo?

                In their minds, this time, as long as Fifth Master Xue did not come forward, then it would be fine.

                And as the King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu wouldn't run to make enemies with such a large clan for the sake of a concubine.

                That was why they dared to treat Xu Jiankong like this.

                Who would have thought that things would have gone this far.

                Master Xue Wu hadn't stepped in, and as a result, the people from the Nine Great Clans had made their move first, what was going on?

                Lu Qingyun struggled with difficulty to lift his head and looked at Wang Xingyun beside him, "Master of the Wang family, what are you ...... doing?"

                "My family's old master, has gone to visit Master Xue Wu."

                "This is just some minor conflict between our juniors, why should the nine great clans interfere?"

                Wang Xingyun glanced at him, "What are you talking about?"

                "Your family's old man, when did he go to visit Master Xue Wu?"

                "Isn't he still in his room?"

                Lu Qingyun froze for a moment, "Master Xue Wu is not in his room?"

                Wang Xingyun: "Who told you that Fifth Master Xue was here?"

                Lu Qingyun was confused, "Fifth Master Xue is not here, then ...... then who did you come up to visit just now?"

                Wang Xingyun looked at Lin Mo: "We are here to visit Mr. Lin Mo and the Crown Prince!"

                Lu Qingyun was dumbfounded and looked at Lin Mo blankly, his mind somewhat confused.

                What was this?

                The family heads of the nine great families, running upstairs and lining up to pay their respects to this young man?

                Had he heard wrongly, or was he hallucinating?

                Just at that moment, Master Ren also walked out with Ren Yuanyuan and his two sons.

                Seeing the scene, Master Ren's face couldn't help but change.

                "You guys ...... what are you doing?"

                "Masters of the family, what have we ...... our Ren family done to offend you to treat us like this?"

                Master Ren said in a trembling voice.

                The nine family lords, by now, had already walked to Lin Mo's side.

                Wang Xingyun glanced at Elder Ren, "Hmph, you have not offended us!"

                "However, these people of your Ren family, disrespecting Mr. Lin and his family, that is deserving of death!"

                "Mr. Lin, these people, what do you say to them?"

                Master Ren was bewildered as he looked at Lin Mo, his heart even more puzzled.

                Just now in the house, he was dumbfounded, he really couldn't understand how there could be two young men sitting in the house.

                He even wondered if he had gone to the wrong room.

                Now that he saw how respectful the Nine Great Family Masters were to Lin Mo, he instantly understood that he hadn't gone to the wrong room.

                It was these two young men who were the ones the Nine Great Family Masters had come to visit!

                But the question was, why?

                The Nine Great Family Masters, those were the nine most powerful people in Guangdong Province, and there was no one in the province who could make them bow down!

                Why should they be so respectful to such two young men?

                Master Ren looked at Lin Mo and said in a trembling voice: "I have not yet asked for your advice, this Mr. Lin is?"

                Wang Xingyun said in a cold voice: "This Mr. Lin Mo Lin, the heir of Mr. Nanba Tian of Guangyang City on his body!"

                "Moreover, nowadays, the entire Guang Province, including my ten families, all respect Mr. Lin as well!"