Medical Genius Chapter 1397

 The rest of the Ren family were also full of resentment.

                A moment ago, they had humiliated Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui, but who knew that in the blink of an eye, Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui, had climbed into a relationship with Master Xue Wu.

                Master Xue, that is the king of the southern realm, many big families in the six southern provinces can't even easily meet him.

                The top ten families in Guang Province, as well as their Ren family, all had to stand in line outside.

                As a result, this Xu Jiangong Lu Guoxuan, whom they had always despised, was able to enter and leave that private room at will, who could accept such a difference?

                Just when the crowd was silent, Lu Qingyun suddenly came over, "Mum, I know what's going on!"

                Immediately, Ren Yuanyuan said, "What's going on?"

                Lu Qingyun sneered, "I reckon this has something to do with Xu Jiankong's daughter!"

                Everyone in the Ren family was surprised, and Master Ren said curiously, "What's wrong with his daughter?"

                Lu Qingyun looked contemptuous, "Xu Jiankong has a good daughter, she's very pretty, much prettier than all those stars!"

                "I reckon it must be this daughter of his, who hooked up with Master Xue Wu, that's why she has such a chance!"

                "Otherwise, think about it, what kind of thing is this Xu family, and what qualifications do they have to face Master Xue Wu?"

                The Ren family members looked at each other, and these words from Lu Qingyun made their hearts move along with them.

                Could it be that it was really because of this?

                Lu Qingyun continued, "Moreover, their Xu family seems to have made a fortune recently."

                "Xu Jiankong, his daughter, has recently become a chairman of something?"

                "Heh, the Xu family used to be so poor they were starving to death, how come they're suddenly worth over a billion dollars?"

                Ren Yuanyuan spat disdainfully, "So it's because they rely on their daughter to hook up with men, that's why they have such opportunities, huh?"

                "Heh, what's the difference between that and betraying your own daughter?"

                "People nowadays are really capable of doing anything to climb the ladder of wealth and power!"

                A man from the Ren family next to him also laughed, "The most crucial thing is that his son-in-law is also in there."

                "Hahahaha, think about it, his son-in-law, looking at his wife, sitting in another man's arms, how does that feel?"

                "This family, ah, it's really odd!"

                The crowd burst into laughter, and Lu Qingyun even laughed coldly, as if being able to belittle Xu Hanxia made him feel comfortable.

                Ren Yuanyuan sneered, "Back then, this Xu Jiangong even wanted to set up some kind of doll marriage with my family Qing Yun!"

                "Aiyo, now that I think about it, it's lucky we didn't set it up back then."

                "Otherwise, if our Ren family were to marry such a watery woman, wouldn't that corrupt the family's style?"

                The Ren family nodded their heads, saying that Ren Yuanyuan's choice was the right one.

                Master Ren also smiled coldly, "I've seen this kind of person more than once!"

                "For their own interests, they will not hesitate to sell their families and sell their souls."

                "Only, the successes obtained with such methods are short-lived."

                "It's like being a profiteer, it's completely incomparable to the kind of big families that have strong roots!"

                "And you guys don't need to care!"

                The Ren family members nodded their heads, each with disdain on their faces.

                In their opinion, the Xu Family's reliance on such methods to get close to Master Xue Wu was simply disgraceful.

                The Ren Family crowd waited here, watching as the people from the nine great clans in front of them entered in batches.

                After waiting for a long time, it was finally the Ren family's turn.

                Immediately, Master Ren straightened his clothes and, with the help of Ren Yuanyuan, took his two sons and respectfully entered the private room.

                Just after entering the room, he immediately bent down and bowed, saying respectfully, "I, Ren Tianyuan, pay my respects to Master Xue Wu!"

                As the words fell, there was silence in the room and no one answered.

                Master Ren looked slightly embarrassed, according to reason, Master Xue should have replied to him, right?

                But what was the situation now?

                He quietly looked up, but suddenly found that in the room, there were only a few young people sitting there!