Medical Genius Chapter 1394

 Hearing this, Wang Xingyun's face suddenly changed.

                How could he run here for dinner and run into these two people again?

                Honestly, Wang Xingyun was actually somewhat unconvinced of Lin Mo.

                However, being inferior in strength to others, he had to bow his head.

                Moreover, they had already agreed that Lin Mo was the prince of Guang Province, so they had to show enough respect to Lin Mo.

                Now that Lin Mo and the Crown Prince were eating upstairs, and they knew about this matter, then he had to go up and pay his respects.

                Otherwise, if Lin Mo or the Crown Prince found out about this matter later and came back to trouble him, he would not be able to give an account.

                After a moment of silence, Wang Xingyun directly stood up and said in a low voice, "I'll go up and take a look."

                After saying that, Wang Xingyun got up and left.

                Master Ren was filled with bewilderment, his birthday banquet had just begun, how could this Wang Xingyun have left?

                "Master Wang Family, what is going on?"

                Master Ren asked in a hurry.

                Wang Xingyun said casually, "I went to visit a friend."

                After saying this, he waved his hand at the Wang family members sitting next to him, gesturing for them to follow him and leave.

                Immediately, all the people from the Wang family got up and followed Wang Xingyun.

                With this, two tables were immediately left empty.

                The birthday banquet scene was instantly silent.

                The Wang family was arguably the most important family at the birthday banquet, but as a result, all the people from the Wang family had left before the banquet had even started.

                Could it be that the Wang family was dissatisfied with the Ren family?

                The faces of the Ren family all became extremely embarrassed, the Wang family's attitude made the Ren family fall into an abyss.

                However, this was only the beginning.

                After Wang Xingyun went out, he immediately informed the other eight families of the news, and asked their people to go in and inform their respective family heads.

                Just now at the scene, Wang Xingyun of course could not speak directly about this matter.

                People from the eight families went in to inform their family heads.

                When these eight family heads saw Wang Xingyun leave, they were all originally quite surprised and did not know what was going on.

                Now that they learnt that it was because Lin Mo and the Crown Prince were upstairs, how could the eight of them sit still and got up one after another to leave with their own family members.

                In this way, the people from the nine great clans had all left.

                The number of people in the inner hall was instantly reduced by half.

                The faces of the Ren family were all iron blue and their expressions were simply embarrassing.

                They had to know that today, when the nine families came to celebrate their birthday, it was the proudest thing for the Ren family.

                As a result, just as the birthday banquet had started, all the people from the nine families had run away, which was simply a slap in the face of the Ren family.

                The Ren family was almost collapsed, what was going on here?

                Master Ren's face was even darker, the sudden withdrawal of the nine great clans made him feel as if the Ren Family was on the verge of being finished.

                He was somewhat reluctant, and as the Huang Family members left, he finally couldn't help himself and walked over to stop the Huang Family Master.

                This Huang Family Master, who was still on good terms with Master Ren.

                Master Ren cried, "Master Huang Family, what the hell is going on with this ......?"

                "This birthday banquet of mine has just started, why have you all left?"

                "Is there something wrong with my Ren family's hospitality?"

                "Family Head Huang, we are old friends, I ...... if I have done anything wrong, you should at least prompt me, and I know how to apologize!"

                The Huang family head waved his hand, "Elder Ren, you are thinking too much."

                "Actually, this matter has nothing to do with you."

                "The main thing is that there's a big shot upstairs, and we have to pay a visit."

                Master Ren's eyes widened, "Master Huang, what are you ...... you talking about?"

                "What big shot is there upstairs that can make the family heads of the nine great families go visit together?"

                "Family Head Huang, in this Guang Province, what other big shot could be more important than the nine of you?"

                The Huang Family Head sighed, "Old Ren, this big man, his origins are not simple!"

                "Let me advise you, if you want the Ren Family to enter the top ten families, you better go up and pay a visit as well."

                "As long as this big shot gives his nod, your Ren Family, will definitely be able to become one of the Ten Great Families!"