Medical Genius Chapter 1393

 Xu Jiangong sighed, his strength was inferior to others, so he could only swallow his anger.

                "Forget it, let's go somewhere else to eat!"

                Xu Jiangong said in a low voice.

                Lu Guoxuan nodded and was just about to leave when Fang Hui suddenly stopped them.

                "Why are we leaving?"

                "Why do we have to get out if they tell us to?"

                "Even if the Ren Family is strong, they can't bully people like this, right?"

                "Even if we can't beat the Ren family, we can't be chased away by a few security guards, right?"

                "If we leave like this, won't we make people laugh at us to death in the future?"

                Lu Guoxuan Xu Jiankong looked at each other, and Xu Jiankong whispered, "But we don't even have a membership card, what else can we do?"

                Fang Hui said directly, "So what if we don't have a membership card?"

                "Just because we don't have one, doesn't mean others don't have one, right?"

                "Let's go upstairs and look for Lin Mo and the others!"

                "Since they are eating here, they have a membership card."

                "I don't believe it, I'm not going to leave today, what can they do to us!"

                Hearing this, Xu Jiangong's eyes lit up, "Huh, that's a solution, isn't it?"

                "Lin Mo his friend arranged the dinner, he must have a membership card."

                "We have a membership card, we can eat here, who can do anything to us?"

                "Come on, Old Lu, let's go upstairs to eat!"

                Lu Guoxuan was a bit hesitant: "Jian Gong, let's ...... let's not make a scene."

                "This matter is really going to be a big deal, once the Ren family ...... Ren family gets angry, it's not easy to clean up ......"

                "When the time comes, don't drag down Hanxia and their friends ......"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was a little hesitant, but, in the end, Fang Hui gritted her teeth and said, "It's not like we're fighting with the Ren family."

                "I'm just not convinced by these security guards, why don't they let us eat here!"

                "We're just going up for a meal, we're not going to their Ren family's birthday banquet, can't this be okay?"

                Xu Jiangong nodded his head repeatedly, "That's right, that's right!"

                "It's impossible to not let people eat, right?"

                Lu Guoxuan lowered his head, in fact he was also very reluctant in his heart, how could he let people be kicked out just like that?

                In the end, the three people still walked into the Wanhe Hotel.

                When they came in, the security guards had all dispersed and mainly ran over to the birthday banquet to maintain the scene.

                Fang Hui called Xu Hanxia and knew where they were, so the three of them went straight up to the top floor.

                And at that moment, in the inner hall on the fifth floor, the birthday banquet was in progress.

                Master Ren was sitting at the main seat, and sitting next to him were the family heads from the nine great families, who had come to pay their respects to Master Ren in person.

                This scene today also made everyone in the Ren family feel extremely dignified.

                Master Ren was smiling from ear to ear, personally holding a wine glass and toasting the nine great family masters.

                The nine great family masters were also polite to him and said a few words of congratulations, which made Master Ren even more smug.

                Even, Master Ren's mind began to move along.

                Now that the Feng Family, one of the Ten Great Families, had ceased to exist, and the Ten Great Families had become the Nine Great Families, another family had to be re-elected to enter the ranks of the Ten Great Families.

                Does the Ren Family have any hope of entering the ranks of the Top Ten Families?

                If the Ren family could get in, then it would really be glorious for the ancestors!

                Master Ren was calculating in his mind how he should open this up to the nine great family heads.

                Wang Xingyun was sitting next to him not far away, and Master Ren wanted to bring this up several times.

                However, looking at Wang Xingyun's indifferent expression, he did not dare to speak up again.

                After all, there was still a huge gap between the Ren Family and the Ten Great Families.

                The birthday banquet had just been going on for a while when suddenly, a man hurriedly walked in from the doorway.

                With a nervous face, this man ran to Wang Xingyun's side and said in a low voice, "Family head, we just got word that Lin Mo and the Crown Prince are eating upstairs with them."