Medical Genius Chapter 1391

 After Xu Jiangong finished speaking, he pulled Fang Hui and turned around to leave.

                At this moment, however, Fang Hui suddenly said, "Wait a minute!"

                "Since Master Ren feels that we are not qualified to give him a birthday gift, shouldn't we get our birthday gift back?"

                Xu Jiangong smiled and immediately nodded, "That's right, our birthday gift, please return it to us!"

                That jade carving, after all, was bought for three hundred thousand dollars!

                When Ren Yuanyuan smiled, she immediately ran inside, holding that jade carving and ran out.

                "A broken jade carving, how dare you bring it here to show off?"

                "You don't even go inside and take a look, who comes to celebrate my father's birthday with a birthday gift of less than a million?"

                "This birthday gift of yours, hurry up and take it away, displaying it there is a disgrace to my Ren family!"

                The crowd around them laughed again.

                Fang Hui's face swelled red as she walked over to receive the jade carving.

                However, just as she was about to hold the jade sculpture, Ren Yuanyuan suddenly let go of her hand.

                The jade sculpture fell directly to the ground and shattered.

                For a moment, there was some silence.

                Ren Yuanyuan sneered, "Why are you so careless?"

                "Can't even hold your own stuff steady?"

                Fang Hui was anxious: "You ...... you just did it on purpose!"

                Ren Yuan Yuan bristled, "What are you saying, I can't understand!"

                Fang Hui was furious and wanted to get angry, but was pulled back by Xu Jian Gong.

                He could see that the Ren family was deliberately making things difficult for them.

                If they continued to make trouble here, they would definitely not be able to take advantage of it.

                "Forget it, let's go!"

                Xu Jiangong gritted his teeth and prepared to take Fang Hui away.

                Just then, Ren Yuanyuan said again, "Hey, you guys are just going to leave, huh?"

                "The things you brought fell on the ground and affected our set up venue, shouldn't you take care of it?"

                Fang Hui was furious: "You ...... what did you say!"

                Ren Yuanyuan exclaimed, "Did I not make myself clear enough?"

                "Sweep the floor for me before you leave!"

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were both furious, this Ren family was too deceitful!

                Lu Guoxuan finally couldn't help himself and said angrily, "Ren Yuanyuan, don't go too far!"

                Ren Yuanyuan was furious, "Lu Guoxuan, what did you say?"

                "Say it again if you have the guts!"

                Lu Guoxuan slammed a bottle of wine on the table onto the floor and roared, "I said, I want to divorce you!"

                Ren Yuanyuan was confused, she pointed at Lu Guoxuan: "You ...... are crazy?"

                Lu Guoxuan was furious: "I am crazy!"

                "Ren Yuanyuan, I've had enough of you, and I've had enough of your Ren family!"

                "Didn't you say I'm not capable?"

                "I'm going to grow some skills today!"

                "Divorce! I'm not serving anymore!"

                After saying that, he turned around and walked to Xu Jiankong: "Jiankong, let's go!"

                "Damn it, even if I starve to death in this life, I'll never enter the Ren family's door again!"

                Xu Jian Gong laughed out loud and patted Lu Guoxuan's shoulder, "Brother, let's go, I'll treat you to lunch, let's celebrate!"

                The three laughed and left, leaving the crowd at the scene looking at each other, no one had expected this result.

                Ren Yuanyuan was dumbfounded, over the years, she had gotten used to bullying Lu Guoxuan.

                She never dreamed that Lu Guoxuan would one day defy her, which made her unable to react for a while.

                At this moment, Master Ren suddenly smiled, "This is really a double happiness today!"

                "This biggest wimp of our family is finally gone."

                "Ah Yuan, listen carefully."

                "In the future, even if he comes to you to apologise, don't be soft-hearted!"

                Hearing this, Ren Yuan Yuan laughed coldly straight away, "Dad, don't worry!"

                "Even if he comes back and begs me on his knees, I will definitely not let him enter our Ren family door again!"

                The crowd around them shouted in approval, all feeling that getting rid of Lu Guoxuan was a happy event for the Ren family.

                Ren Yuanyuan's face was also full of complacency. Over the years, she and Lu Guoxuan had long lost their feelings, so how could she care about Lu Guoxuan's stay or departure?

                If it wasn't for the sake of face, she would have kicked Lu Guoxuan out long ago.

                Now that Lu Guoxuan had left on his own, it was even better for her!