Medical Genius Chapter 1390

 The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see an old man with white hair, surrounded by a crowd of people, walking over.

                This white-haired old man was none other than the old man of the Ren Family.

                Those around him were also the main members of the Ren Family.

                Ren Yuanyuan was overjoyed and hurriedly went over to support the old man, "Dad, you've come at the right time."

                "These two bastard sons of bitches, they're stuck here and won't leave."

                "They are also with that Lu Guoxuan, bullying your grandson."

                "You can't leave this matter alone!"

                Master Ren smiled and patted Ren Yuanyuan's arm, "Alright, I know."

                Whirling around, he looked at the security guards again and said in a cold voice, "Hey, you people, how the hell do you do things?"

                "Today is my big birthday, how come any kind of cats and dogs can just come in?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was instantly annoyed, this cats and dogs was clearly talking about them.

                The security chief said awkwardly, "Master Ren, I'm really sorry."

                "They ...... they were brought in by your son-in-law, and we ...... we can't stop them."

                Master Ren snorted, "A foreigner can just bring people in?"

                "Is it my surname Ren's big birthday today or Lu's?"

                The security chief was speechless and embarrassed.

                The crowd around them were also whispering, as they had long known that Master Ren had always looked down on Lu Guoxuan.

                However, no one had expected that Master Ren would act so obviously and say such words in public.

                Lu Guoxuan stood by the side, his hands clenched into fists, his face was pale and he was shivering all over.

                Today, he had completely lost all his face.

                Although in the past, he had often been humiliated in the Ren family.

                However, today he was humiliated like this in front of his best friend, and this feeling was even more different.

                Xu Jiangong was also furious, and he couldn't help but say, "Master Ren, we respect you as an elder, so we came all the way here to wish you a happy birthday, and we have no malice."

                "If you think we are not qualified to wish you a birthday, just say the word and we will leave now."

                "There's no need to point fingers like that, is there?"

                At these words, the Ren family members immediately became angry, pointing at Xu Jian Gong and berating him.

                Master Ren also narrowed his eyes, looked Xu Jiankong up and down, and sneered, "We haven't even met, and you're saying you're here to wish me a happy birthday, I'm afraid that's a bit far-fetched, isn't it?"

                "Are you here to wish me a happy birthday, or do you want to have some other intentions, you should know very well in your own heart, right?"

                "Lu Guoxuan, your friends, they are really the same as you."

                "Do you really think that the Ren family is an ATM machine, and that anyone can come to my family to climb up the ladder of wealth?"

                The surrounding crowd was also whispering, in the crowd's view, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui, simply wanted to take the opportunity to ride on the line of the Ren family.

                They had seen this kind of person and this kind of thing a lot.

                Xu Jiangong was extremely annoyed. In fact, he originally did have the idea of befriending the Ren family.

                However, to say that he was climbing up to the rich and powerful was an absolute insult.

                With the Xu family's current assets and status, did they still need to cling to the rich and powerful?

                Just then, Lu Guoxuan suddenly stood out and said angrily, "Dad, if you have any anger, you can come at me."

                "My friend is here today to wish you a happy birthday."

                "You ...... how can you talk like that?"

                Everyone in the Ren family was annoyed, and Ren Yuanyuan pointed at Lu Guoxuan, "Lu Guoxuan, you dare to talk to dad like that?"

                "Do you want to die?"

                The rest of the Ren family were also staring at him aggressively, and looking at that stance, it was obvious that they were about to make a move.

                Seeing this, Xu Jiangong immediately stood up, "Guoxuan, forget it."

                "Since Master Ren feels that we are not qualified to wish him a happy birthday, then for us to stay here without any shame!"

                "Master Ren, farewell!"