Medical Genius Chapter 139-140

 Chapter 139

Peter glanced mockingly at Lin Mo and continued to say to Xu Hanxia, "Mr. Xu, just one word from you."

                "I'll be able to make the decision, an order of thirty to fifty million dollars, it's not a matter of words!"

                Ping nodded her head repeatedly, "Yes, Peter has a lot of authority in the Shengyuan Group."

                "Hanxia, we are our own people, Peter is the one helping you."

                "If it were anyone else, Peter wouldn't have helped."

                "Hanxia, why don't you quickly thank Peter!"

                Peter smiled as he looked at Xu Hanxia, his eyes still fiery.

                Lin Mo's face turned cold: "Can't you understand the words?"

                "Xu Pharmaceutical has been very busy recently, and will not be launching new business for the time being."

                Ping was furious: "Lin Mo, what do you mean?"

                "Repeatedly stopping us from giving business to Hanxia, what exactly do you want?"

                "Yes, it's comfortable for you to eat soft food at home."

                "But do you know how hard it is for Hanxia to run some business outside?"

                "You can't help Hanxia, but at least don't pull Hanxia's leg!"

                "What kind of luck did Hanxia have that she would marry a loser like you!"

                Lin Mo was instantly annoyed, and Xu Hanxia hurriedly said, "Ping Ping, don't say that."

                "Actually, what Lin Mo said is correct."

                "Our company has been rather busy lately, and it's really not suitable to launch new business."

                "Ping Ping, thank you for your kind words."

                Peter frowned as Ping Ping said indignantly, "Halfsia, ah Halfsia, you really are too kind!"

                "To throw away all the business that came your way just to save this loser's face?"

                "Do you know how many people out there, crying and begging to get these businesses."

                "You're showing off like this just to take care of a loser's face, why is this necessary?"

                Xu Hanxia had an embarrassed look on her face, "I ......"

                Peter spoke coldly, "Miss Xu, since you don't see the business of the Shengyuan Group, then forget it!"

                "I have decided, from today onwards, Sheng Yuan Group, will no longer do any business related to Xu's Pharmaceutical."

                "Because, I simply can't see Xu's Pharmaceutical's sincerity!"

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but stare, she didn't expect that things would come to this point.

                Just then, Lin Mo sneered, "Peter, can you be the master of Sheng Yuan Group?"

                Ping had a smug look on her face, "Nonsense!"

                "My fiancĂ© is the Executive President of the Shengyuan Group, do you know what an Executive President is?"

                "An executive president is the one who has full authority to handle all the affairs of the group."

                "With one word from him, he is able to cut off all of Xu Pharmaceutical's business."

                "Lin Mo, this is all because of you, can you afford to take the responsibility?"

                All the people around also whispered.

                "To lose tens of millions of dollars of business just to save face, this man, he's really vain!"

                "Oh, what I hate most is this kind of man. He's not capable of anything, but he only holds people back!"

                "No, if you were capable, you wouldn't have to let your woman out in the open."

                "A man should have a minimum of responsibility. What kind of man is this kind of person?"

                The chatter of the crowd caused Xu Hanxia to blush with embarrassment.

                "Ping Ping, what I said is true, our company has really been busy with business recently!"

                Xu Hanxia raised her voice, mainly for the others to hear, to save face for Lin Mo.

                Ping Ping had a disappointed look on her face, "Alright, I know!"

                "Halfsia, you've always liked to be so brave since you were little!"

                "But, for such a wimp, is it worth it?"

                "Hey, you're so stupid!"

Chapter 140

The crowd around them were all mocking, as they saw that Xu Hanxia was clearly trying to be strong!

                However, in the world of adults, this kind of powerless bravado is the most humiliating thing.

                In the world of adults, profit comes first.

                To give up so much profit for the sake of a quick tongue is the most foolish thing of all!

                Just as Xu Hanxia was about to explain further, a group of people suddenly walked in at the door.

                The person at the head of the group was none other than Yuan De.

                He walked in surrounded by a group of people with an extremely strong aura.

                Those around him were also all big names in the pharmaceutical industry in Guangyang City, and a few were even figures who often appeared in the news.

                The crowd's eyes were directly attracted to these people, and they all knew very well that this group of people, belonged to the absolute big shots.

                Especially Yuan De in the middle, although not many people knew him, this aura was already far beyond the crowd next to him.

                Suddenly, Yuan De caught a glimpse of Xu Hanxia.

                His face was pleased and he walked over with big steps.

                "Mr Xu, nice to meet you!"

                "I never thought that I would meet you here!"

                Yuan De greeted with a smile.

                Xu Hanxia got up, "Hello, Mr Yuan."

                The two exchanged pleasantries and Yuan De smiled, "Mr. Xu, I have a few friends to entertain on my side, so I won't be bothered."

                "I just want to ask, Mr Xu, when can I start shipping my five hundred million dollar order?"

                At these words, the crowd at the scene all gasped in shock.

                What kind of person was this? The moment he opened his mouth, he was talking about an order of five hundred million dollars?

                Xu Hanxia looked embarrassed, "Mr. Yuan, I'm really sorry."

                "I'm afraid I won't be able to ship the goods for the last month, so please forgive me!"

                The crowd was once again shocked, was Xu Hanxia out of her mind?

                A five hundred million dollar order, this must be a big customer. If there are goods, then we must try to satisfy the big customers first.

                As a result, if you say that the goods could not be shipped for a month, wouldn't you be offending the big customers?

                However, Yuan De was not the least bit annoyed, instead he laughed and said, "Understand! Understand!"

                "Xu Pharmaceutical has received three billion orders at once, so I guess we'll have to be busy for a whole year."

                "However, Mr Xu, I'd like to ask you personally for a favour."

                "If you have the goods, you must send me thirty percent first, what do you think?"

                Xu Hanxia immediately smiled, "Don't worry, Mr. Yuan."

                "As long as there are goods, I will definitely send you first!"

                Yuan De was overjoyed: "Then I'd like to thank you, Mr Xu!"

                "Mr Xu, enjoy your meal, I won't bother you!"

                Yuan De clasped his fist and turned around to lead the crowd upstairs.

                The crowd at the scene was dumbfounded for a while.

                No wonder Xu Hanxia said that the company had been busy with business recently and she wasn't trying to be brave, it was true!

                With three billion orders, it might not be possible to finish them in a year, so how could there be any other orders?

                At this moment, a girl covered in name tags mocked.

                "Where did you find this actor, so unprofessional?"

                "For bragging rights, they've all started getting people to perform?"

                "Isn't it a shame?"

                The crowd around turned their heads to look, and the man sitting opposite her couldn't help himself and broke into a curse.

                "Shut the fuck up!"

                "Do you know who that man was just now?"

                "That's Yuan De!"

                "The largest pharmaceutical businessman in Guang Province, and the titan of the medical industry in Guang Province."

                "Even Sheng Yuan Group is not worth mentioning in front of him!"

                "You dare to say he's an actor?"

                The crowd was shocked, although most people did not know Yuan De.

                However, this name was like a thunderclap!