Medical Genius Chapter 1389

 Xu Jiangong Fang Hui and Lu Guoxuan chatted for a while when a sudden commotion came from the side.

                The three of them turned their heads to look, only to see Lu Qingyun with Ren Yuanyuan and a group of people from the Ren family walking over in an aggressive manner.

                As soon as Lu Guoxuan saw the stance, his head was filled with cold sweat.

                He hurriedly stood up to greet them, "Ah Yuan, what's the matter, let's talk about it at home?"

                "Jian Gong is an old friend of mine, how about you ...... you save me some face?"

                Ren Yuan Yuan threw a slap directly at Lu Guoxuan's face and said angrily, "Face?"

                "You still want to save face?"

                "You don't even look at what you are, are you worthy of talking to me about face?"

                Lu Guoxuan's face was so red from the punch that he drew laughter from many people around.

                But Lu Guoxuan still lowered his voice: "Ah Yuan, I ...... know you are not happy."

                "But Jian Gong hasn't been here for years."

                "What's the matter, let's go home and talk about it, whatever you want me to do."

                "You ...... can't you stop making a scene here ......"

                Ren Yuanyuan said angrily, "Make a scene?"

                "Who's making a scene?"

                "Tell me the truth!"

                "What, you think I'm a shrew and will only come to you to cause trouble?"

                Lu Guoxuan hurriedly said, "I ...... didn't mean it like that."

                "Ah Yuan, you ...... just think of it as helping me, okay ......"

                When he said this, Lu Guoxuan was even crying.

                Ren Yuanyuan did not relent: "Help you?"

                "Lu Guoxuan, you still know you want a face, huh?"

                "Then when you hit my son, did you ever consider that he's a grown-up too, he needs to have a face too!"

                "You can slap my son in public just for the sake of your some shitty friend."

                "Have you ever thought about whether he wants to save face or not?"

                Lu Guoxuan's face turned red, "Ah Yuan, I ...... am his father after all."

                "Besides, Qing Yun has just spoken too much."

                "If this is not disciplined, in the future ...... later he might make some kind of trouble ......"

                Ren Yuanyuan's eyes glared, "My son, do you need to discipline him?"

                "Lu Guoxuan, you've been a wimp all your life, you're not capable of anything yourself, and you're still here to discipline my son?"

                "What, do you want my son to be like you, eating soft rice for the rest of his life?"

                The crowd around them once again burst into laughter.

                Lu Guoxuan's face was red and he was so angry that his body trembled and his hands clenched up tightly. However, in the end, he did not dare to get angry.

                Lu Qingyun stood beside him, looking at Lu Guoxuan with a disdainful expression.

                To him, this father, was a disgrace to him. Therefore, he had no sympathy at all for Lu Guoxuan.

                "Get out of the way!"

                As soon as Ren Yuanyuan pushed Lu Guoxuan away, she walked over and pointed at Xu Jiankong and Fang Hui: "I'll give you one minute to disappear from here immediately!"

                "Otherwise, I'll have someone throw you out!"

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui's faces both changed.

                This Ren Yuanyuan, was too forceful, right?

                "Miss Ren, we're here to wish the old man a happy birthday."

                "Even if there's something wrong done, you don't have to be like this, right?"

                Xu Jiangong said in a deep voice.

                Ren Yuanyuan said in a cold voice, "A birthday celebration?"

                "What are you, are you qualified to come to my family's old man's birthday celebration?"

                "Do you have an invitation?"

                Xu Jiangong was stumped for words.

                Fang Hui said in a deep voice, "Miss Ren, even if we don't have an invitation, we've come to wish the birthday in good faith."

                "Is this the Ren family's way of treating guests when you drive us away like this?"

                Ren Yuanyuan was at a loss for words, not knowing how to reply.

                Just then, an old voice suddenly came from behind her, "The Ren family's way of hospitality is indeed not like this."

                "But the problem is that our Ren Family, will only entertain its own guests."

                "If it's those uninvited guests, it's not in our scope of hospitality!"