Medical Genius Chapter 1386

 Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face was gloomy.

                After what had just happened, they had already seen that this Ren family, at bottom, did not put them in their eyes.

                Moreover, although Lu Guoxuan had married Ren Yuanyuan, in fact, he was not having a good time in the Ren family.

                Lu Guoxuan had become so haggard and old, probably because he had suffered too much in the Ren family.

                However, when you think about it, this is normal.

                When Lu Guoxuan married Ren Yuanyuan, it was as if he had become a member of the Ren family.

                In a big family like the Ren family, who would look up to a redundant son-in-law?

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui couldn't help but think of Lin Mo. There was a time when they treated Lin Mo, wasn't it also like this?

                The two of them sighed, and Xu Jiangong pulled Lu Guoxuan, "Old Lu, forget it."

                "We came today, mainly to see you."

                "As for whatever the old man's big birthday is, it's not important to us!"

                "You don't have to toss and turn either, we haven't seen each other for so many years as brothers, it's enough to have a few drinks together."

                Lu Guoxuan's face couldn't help but look gloomy, he sat beside Xu Jiankong, his eyes slightly red: "Jiankong, I'm sorry for ...... ......"

                Xu Jian Gong patted Lu Guoxuan's shoulder, "Aiya, all old brothers, why talk about this?"

                The three sat chatting for a while when suddenly, a group of young people walked over in the distance.

                Lu Guoxuan took a look and his eyes immediately lit up.

                He instantly stood up and pulled one of the youths over.

                "Jian Gong, come, let me introduce you to him."

                "This is my son, Lu Qingyun."

                "Ming Ming, this, is the one I told you about, Uncle Xu Jian Gong Xu."

                "Quick, call Uncle Xu!"

                Lu Guoxuan said with a smile.

                Xu Jiangong immediately smiled, "Aiyo, this is Qingyun, he's grown so big!"

                "Last time we met, he was still a little kid!"

                "Qingyun, do you still remember me?"

                Lu Qingyun gave Xu Jiangong an up-and-down look and wiped a trace of disdain across his face, "Yes, I remember!"

                "Uncle Xu from Guangyang City!"

                "Last time we met, you even asked my father to borrow money, right?"

                Xu Jiangong was instantly filled with embarrassment.

                In the early years, when they were poor, they had indeed borrowed money from Lu Guoxuan a few times.

                Lu Guoxuan hurriedly said, "Qing Yun, what are you talking about?"

                "Uncle Xu is my hairdresser, in the early years, he helped me a lot too!"

                "My relationship with your Uncle Xu, that's no different from that of a blood brother."

                "Seriously, a few years back, I even discussed with your Uncle Xu about setting up a baby marriage with his family."

                "You weren't lucky enough to be able to do that."

                "If not, we would have been married to each other!"

                Xu Jiangong couldn't help but smile, they had indeed talked about this in the early years.

                Lu Qingyun's face suddenly sank, "Heh, Dad, I'm really lucky then!"

                "It's a good thing this marriage didn't come to pass."

                "Otherwise, I would have had to run to Guangyang City to marry a Cinderella?"

                Lu Guoxuan's face changed slightly, "Qing Yun, how ...... do you talk?"

                Lu Qingyun said in a cold voice: "What, am I wrong?"

                "You casually set up a baby marriage for me?"

                "Even if you don't consider my feelings, you should at least consider our Ren family, right?"

                "Dad, our Ren family is a big family."

                "Even if I marry a daughter-in-law, I should at least talk about a family match, right?"

                Lu Guoxuan's face changed in anger and he pointed at Lu Qingyun, "You ...... you ...... how can you talk like that?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face also chilled, this Lu Qingyun, his words were too hard to hear, right?

                Just as Xu Jiangong was about to retort, a crisp voice suddenly came from behind him, "Dad, mum, what are you ...... doing here?"

                The two turned their heads, only to see Xu Hanxia, who was dressed in white, standing not far behind them.

                The moment he saw Xu Hanxia, Lu Qingyun's eyes went straight.