Medical Genius Chapter 1382

 The top five-star hotel in the provincial city.

                The Prince had chartered the entire top floor, which overlooked the entire provincial city.

                In one of the largest presidential suites, Li Tiezui and the Crown Prince were sitting on a sofa.

                Next to them, was a huge iron cage, and inside the cage, there were two corpses, the corpses of the two girls who were brought back by the Crown Prince last night.

                At that time, these two girls were hooked up with the Crown Prince, but, after seeing Ma Tiancheng, they immediately ran to befriend him.

                Later, when they learnt of the Prince's identity, these two girls immediately ran to apologise to the Prince again, wanting to climb the Prince's line.

                When the Prince forgave them, the two girls happily followed him back.

                As a result, when they returned, the Prince did not take them seriously at all.

                These two girls were not even able to climb into the Prince's bed before he played with them.

                And this, too, was the result of their greed for vanity.

                They thought they could climb the ladder of wealth, but as a result, they even lost their own lives here, and there was no one else to blame.

                The prince didn't even look at the two corpses, he sipped his wine and looked at Li Tiezui: "Old man Li, tell me the truth?"

                "Before, when my uncle came to invite you, you were not even willing to come out."

                "How come this time, you suddenly want to come out of the mountain?"

                Li Tiezui was also drinking red wine, but he couldn't drink that high-end feeling.

                Showing his teeth and grinning, he poured it in one mouthful as if he was chewing on a cow's peony.

                "There are some things that you don't understand."

                "It's true that I was originally prepared to never come out of the mountains again in this life."

                "But I have received favours from others, so I have to repay them."

                "In fact, the reason why I have been living in Guang Province is that I am looking for him."

                Li Tiezui returned.

                The prince gave him a surprised look, "You've received favours from Lin Mo?"

                "Not so much, right?"

                "Isn't this the first time you two have met?"

                Li Tiezui waved his hand, "I'm not talking about him."

                The prince was puzzled, "Then who is it?"

                Li Tiezui smiled, "Crown Prince, this is something that you'd better not ask about."

                "Also, you try to help me keep this matter about my trip out of the mountains a secret."

                "There are some things that are not suitable for too many people to know, especially Lin Mo's matter."

                "If you really think of him as a friend, try to do more and ask fewer questions."

                "That way, it's better for you, and for him!"

                The prince looked at Li Tiezui in uncertainty, but he eventually nodded.

                "Don't worry!"

                "I, the Crown Prince, have never admired a few people in my life."

                "Lin Mo, is someone I admire, and someone I truly consider a brother."

                "Where I can help him, I will definitely do my best!"

                The crown prince said aloud.

                Li Tiezui patted the crown prince's shoulder, but his eyes reddened a little.

                There was a time when he too had such brothers who could make friends.

                However, those brothers, one after another, had died in front of him.

                Even he, too, had been chased to the heavens and to the earth.

                If he had not met Lin Xiao, the King of the North, there would have been no Li Tiezui in this world.

                When the Lin family tragedy broke out, Li Tiezui got the news and risked his life to run to the Northern Realm to investigate what had happened.

                Although he did not find out much, he surmised from some clues that Lin Xiao's wife and children were not dead.

                After that, he traced them all the way to Guang Province, and the trail was completely broken.

                He had been hiding in Guang Province for so many years and had trained countless scouts just to find Lin Xiao's wife and child.

                Over the years, Li Tiezui's spies were all over the six southern provinces.

                There was nothing in the Southern Six Provinces that he did not know about.

                However, he never dreamed that Lin Xiao's wife and child were hiding in Guangyang City.

                And Guangyang City was the only place that his scouts, could not penetrate!

                After all, that was Nanba Tian's territory!

                Now that he had finally met Lin Mo, of course Li Tiezui had to come out himself.

                He wanted to repay Lin Xiao for saving his life, he wanted to assist Lin Mo, he wanted to recreate the original glory of the Lin family!