Medical Genius Chapter 1376

 The prince glanced disdainfully at the fat man, "If you want to make a toast, you can!"

                "But you'll have to kneel there to make a toast!"

                Fatty's face became embarrassed, he was a big man who had only his hands in the sky in his own territory.

                Now, to make him kneel here, that was simply a living slap in his face!

                However, when he saw the Crown Prince, he was immediately cowed again.

                If the prince told him to kneel, how could he dare not do so?

                If he didn't kneel, it wouldn't be as simple as being slapped in the face, his life would probably have to die here!

                The fat man took a deep breath and fell to his knees with a poof in full view of everyone.

                He picked up a glass of wine and said in a trembling voice, "Everyone, this glass of wine, I'll drink to it first!"

                After saying that, the fatty directly drank the large glass of white wine, finishing it in one gulp, without a drop left.

                Li Yun at the back was dumbfounded.

                She didn't expect that this boss she had hooked up with would be frightened to the ground with just one word.

                She really couldn't understand what kind of unbelievable identities these two young men in the room had, ah?

                Fatty and Wang Tianze, who in her eyes were able to wield the power of the heavens, had to kneel on the ground and talk in front of these two young people?

                She looked towards Xue Ling'er, who was now sitting beside Lin Mo, in the main seat.

                Li Yun had a hundred different feelings in her heart, she knew very well that with the status of Lin Mo and the Crown Prince. With just a little care, Xue Ling'er could immediately soar to great heights!

                Now that she thought about it, what happened that night was not at all that Lin Mo had insulted Xue Ling'er.

                In fact, to be able to share a room with Lin Mo was simply a blessing that Xue Ling'er had cultivated in several lifetimes.

                Whether or not anything had happened between the two, the mere fact that they had stayed in the same room for one night was enough to make Xue Ling'er's status skyrocket and no one would dare to bully her!

                Thinking of this, Li Yun couldn't help but feel extremely remorseful in her heart.

                If she had known that this was the case, she wouldn't have run off to find Lin Mo's trouble even if she had been beaten to death.

                Even, if she could follow Xue Ling'er and befriend Lin Mo and the Crown Prince, then her status would definitely rise along with her.

                By then, she wouldn't even need to hook up with those big bosses anymore, and maybe those big bosses would even have to look up to her?

                But now that things had come to this point, she couldn't go near Lin Mo and the Crown Prince.

                Li Yun hastily slipped away quietly while Fatty was still apologising, lest Fatty seek revenge on her later.

                Li Yun was also more resourceful, and after Fatty apologised and left, the first thing he wanted to do was to settle the score with Li Yun.

                However, Li Yun was now in hiding and even her mobile phone was switched off.

                The fat man was furious, but he could not find her, so he could only give up for now.

                Inside the house, Xue Ling'er sat beside Lin Mo, who was still in constant shock.

                Not long afterwards, Wang Tianze's people brought over the termination contract.

                After both parties signed the contract, Wang Tianze immediately had someone transfer 300 million to Xue Ling'er as compensation for breach of contract.

                Xue Ling'er looked at the balance in her bank card and was dumbfounded.

                She had never seen so much money in her life!

                Wang Tianze gave the termination contract to Xue Ling'er and apologised several times before leaving with his men as if they were fleeing.

                Xue Ling'er held the contract and tears continued to pour out of her eyes.

                With the release of this contract, she was finally free again.

                Wang Xingyun smilingly said, "Congratulations to Miss Ling'er for regaining her freedom."

                "Miss Ling'er, I wonder if you have any plans for your future development?"

                "Actually, under our Wang family, we have a few film and television companies."

                "If Miss Ling'er looks at these few companies of ours, as long as Miss Ling'er says a word, I guarantee that within a year, I will definitely push Miss Ling'er into a first-tier star!"

                These words made Xue Ling'er's heart skip a beat.

                A first-tier star, this was a status that she had never even dreamed of.