Medical Genius Chapter 1375

 Hearing these words, Li Yun was overjoyed.

                She hurriedly ran over and hugged Fatty's arm, "Honey, you're still good to me!"

                Fatty pinched Li Yun's buttocks hard and laughed loudly, "That's for sure."

                "Don't worry, when you're my woman, no one can bully you!"

                "Let's go, hubby will take revenge for you!"

                Li Yun was full of joy as she hugged Fatty's arm and led them with gusto, straight to the private room upstairs.

                When they arrived at the door of the private room, Fatty kicked the door straight in.

                Just as they entered, they saw a group of people kneeling inside the room, all of whom were people brought over by Mr. Wang.

                Li Yun walked into the room with his toes high and said loudly, "Chief Wang, don't be afraid of them!"

                "Brother Long is here, I'd like to see how much they can do!"

                "Kid, weren't you quite a drag just now."

                "Come on, come on, try tugging in front of my husband!"

                The people in the room were drinking, and when they heard the words, they looked up and looked over.

                Mr. Wang was standing at the doorway and was on the phone.

                Hearing the sound, he immediately turned his head to look, his face full of panic.

                He gave a strong wink to the fat man, signalling him to hurry up and leave.

                Li Yun didn't see what Mr. Wang meant and laughed out loud, "Mr. Wang, you go over and rest first."

                "This revenge, Brother Long will definitely help you to take revenge!"

                He walked over and slapped Li Yun across the face, cursing, "Bitch, shut up!"

                "Are you allowed to speak here?"

                "Get the fuck out of here!"

                Li Yun was dumbfounded, she didn't expect that she would be beaten up by one of her own people when she brought someone to help?

                She immediately hugged the fat man next to her, "Honey, look at him ......"

                The fatty was just about to speak when Chief Wang glared directly at him, "Get out!"

                "Can't you see that the heads of the ten families are all here to dine with the heir of Nanba Tian, and the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng?"

                "What are you, daring to come in and out of here at will?"

                With a single sentence, the identities of the few people in the room were all told.

                At this moment, Fatty also saw clearly that those people inside the house were indeed the family heads of the ten largest families in Guang Province, ah.

                At this moment, his face instantly turned miserable white.

                No matter what the identities of those two young men were, since they could have the family heads of the ten great families here as company, he certainly couldn't afford to mess with them!

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that he had clearly caught two epithets.

                One was the heir of Nanba Tian, and the other was the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!

                Of these two people, the former he had never heard of before. However, to be the heir of Nanba Tian, that was definitely not simple!

                Nanba Tian, but someone who almost became the King of the Southern Realm!

                His heir, who would dare to mess with him?

                As for the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng, that was even more needless to say.

                The fatty was not even as strong as Wang Tianze.

                Even Wang Tianze had to meekly kneel down in front of the Crown Prince, let alone him.

                At this moment, Fatty was only scared to the point of sweating.

                He threw a slap at Li Yun's face, "Bitch, get out!"

                Then, he hastily arched his hands again and said tremblingly, "Everyone, I'm really ...... really sorry."

                "I ...... I actually heard you all were here and thought ...... I'd come and give you all a toast."

                "I ...... really don't mean anything else, and I'm sorry for offending you all."

                When he said this, sweat ran down his face and directly into his neck, he was really close to being scared to pee.

                As for Li Yun, she was dumbfounded on the spot.

                She had always felt that this Brother Long she had hooked up with was the kind of big shot who could only cover the sky with his hands.

                Who would have thought that this Brother Long, in front of these people in the room, would be scared like this!

                At this moment, she was also a bit devastated.

                She couldn't help but recall what Xue Ling'er had said earlier, that this Lin Mo, was not to be messed with.

                At that time, she didn't take it seriously.

                Now, she finally knew that what Xue Ling'er, had said was true!