Medical Genius Chapter 1374

 Lin Mo gave Wang Tianze a look, "Ling'er girl is in the rising stage of her career."

                "If Mr. Wang cancels the contract directly, will it have any impact on Ling'er girl's career?"

                Wang Tianze was also a resourceful person, and quickly said, "Mr. Lin, I ...... will take these things into consideration."

                "You can rest assured that the company's breach of contract will definitely take these things into consideration as well."

                "With Miss Ling'er's current development trend, this termination of contract will definitely cause a considerable financial loss to Miss Ling'er."

                "I ...... have roughly estimated that this breach of contract, the company ...... company will come up to at least three hundred million ......"

                As he said this, Wang Tianze was still quietly sizing up Lin Mo.

                As long as Lin Mo showed any dissatisfaction, he would immediately increase the price.

                He knew that Lin Mo was asking him to spend money to settle this matter, and he absolutely could not be stingy!

                Lin Mo didn't extort much from him either, in fact, he didn't have much to do with Xue Ling'er.

                Lin Mo just felt pity for this girl and had a good heart, so he wanted to help her out.

                "Three hundred million, Mr. Wang is still somewhat sincere."

                "Since that's the case, then how about Mr. Wang goes and takes care of this contract termination first?"

                Lin Mo said with a faint smile.

                Wang Tianze nodded his head as if he had been granted a pardon, "No problem, no problem."

                "Mr. Lin, wait a moment, I ...... I'll arrange for someone to send the contract here."

                Wang Tianze ran to the side to make a call.

                Lin Mo looked at Xue Ling'er, "Do you have any more requests?"

                Tears continued to well up in Xue Ling'er's eyes as she shook her head vigorously, trying to speak as tears suddenly welled up in her eyes.

                At this moment, the big stone that had been weighing on her heart for a long time was finally resolved.

                And in her heart, she was simply grateful to Lin Mo to the extreme.

                At this moment, in the private room where Xue Ling'er had been before, Li Yun was sitting alone at the table, shivering with fear.

                She was so frightened by the fight in the room just now that she didn't dare to stay there at all, and took advantage of the confusion to run away first.

                As she was sitting there, several people suddenly came in the door.

                At the head of them was a fat man with a big belly, accompanied by a few bodyguards.

                "Yun'er, why are you here alone?"

                "Didn't I say that your good sister Xue Ling'er was also here?"

                "Why haven't you seen anyone?"

                Fatty asked smilingly, his eyes constantly glancing around, obviously looking for Xue Ling'er.

                As soon as Li Yun saw Fatty, she immediately came to life, "Brother Long, you're finally here!"

                "Aiyo, I'll tell you, something happened to Ling'er."

                "She doesn't know what's going on, she's gotten into trouble with a bunch of hooligans and is now surrounded by people."

                "Including our boss, Wang Tianze, who was also surrounded by that group of hooligans."

                "The other side, relying on the number of people, detained them all and almost tried to beat me up just now!"

                "Brother Long, you have to do something for me!"

                With that, Li Yun even started to wipe her tears, as if she had really suffered a great deal of grievances.

                Fatty couldn't help but be surprised, "Really?"

                "Where did the hooligans come from, how dare they cause trouble at the Wanhe Hotel?"

                "Did you see it wrong?"

                Li Yun hurriedly said, "I didn't make a mistake."

                "Just a bunch of ruffians."

                "Not very old, not much upbringing, and I guess the parents at home don't care."

                "Think about it, even beating up women, what kind of good can these be?"

                The fat man gave a disdainful glance, "So it's some young men!"

                "Hmph, I've seen a lot of such young men."

                "Arrogant and self-righteous, they don't know the sky is the limit."

                "Little do they know that in front of the real big shots, they are just a bunch of little yakuza!"

                "Yun'er, don't be angry."

                "Go, take me to see, I'll help you take revenge!"

                "In this mu of land in Guang Province, I would like to see who is so desperate that they dare to bully even my woman!"