Medical Genius Chapter 1373

 The Huang family head glanced at him and sneered, "The Prince of Haicheng, haven't you heard of him?"

                Wang Tianze's face changed instantly, he also had a branch in Haicheng and often went over to Haicheng, of course he had heard of the name of the Prince of Haicheng.

                He looked at the Crown Prince and said in a trembling voice, "You ...... are not kidding?"

                "The Crown Prince of Haicheng, how ...... could he possibly come to Guang Province?"

                The Huang family head spat, "Who the hell is in the mood to joke with you?"

                "Wang Tianze, widen your dog eyes and look clearly!"

                "This one, even if he is the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!"

                "Do you really think that, in the six southern provinces, someone would dare to impersonate the Crown Prince?"

                Wang Tianze's body involuntarily shivered.

                Seriously, offending the Ten Families he wasn't afraid of!

                However, offending the Crown Prince would really be a death wish.

                He was a big or small person, and he had a background behind him.

                However, even if it was someone above him, he would never dare to go against the Crown Prince.

                It wasn't that he couldn't fight the Crown Prince, the key question was, who would go against a madman?

                After a moment of silence, Wang Tianze suddenly fell to the ground with a poof and said in a trembling voice, "Prince, I ...... didn't know you were here too, I'm really sorry."

                "I have offended you just now, you ...... are kind enough to give me a chance."

                "I ...... I won't dare to do it again ......."

                This time, Wang Tianze was really frightened.

                Xue Ling'er was even more dumbfounded, her own boss, who had his hands and eyes in the sky, just knelt down like this?

                She couldn't help but look at the prince beside her, her heart was shocked.

                She simply couldn't imagine what kind of heaven-defying big shot this Crown Prince of Hai Cheng was!

                And the crown prince called Lin Mo a brother, and even, kept calling him brother, what kind of status should this Lin Mo be?

                The crown prince glanced at Wang Tianze disdainfully, "Rubbish thing, didn't you have a lot of guts just now? What, now you've gone soft?"

                Wang Tianze's face turned pale and he lowered his head, not daring to say a word.

                The prince said in a cold voice, "Listen to me fucking clearly!"

                "This, is my brother, Lin Mo."

                "He is now, the heir of Nanba Tian, the leader of the ten largest families in Guang Province."

                "Whether to spare you or not, it's not up to me, it's up to my brother!"

                "If you want to live, see what my brother has to say!"

                Wang Tianze's eyes were staring out as he looked at Lin Mo in shock, almost going mad.

                Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that this young man was, in fact, the heir to Nanba Tian. Moreover, he was also the leader of one of the top ten families in Guang Province!

                Now, he finally understood why Lin Mo was able to sit in the main seat!

                With such a status, that was the honor of Guang Province!

                Even the Ten Great Families had to look at his face, let alone a mere Wang Tianze.

                Wang Tianze was now regretting it, what kind of people had he offended tonight?

                He hurriedly looked at Lin Mo and kowtowed his head to apologise and beg for forgiveness.

                Lin Mo didn't even look at him and said slowly, "Miss Ling'er is a friend of mine."

                "Mr. Wang, I heard that Miss Ling'er has signed a contract with your company?"

                "If you break the company's rules, you have to pay a large sum of money for breach of contract?"

                Wang Tianze hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, you ...... have misunderstood."

                "I didn't know that Ling'er girl was one of your people, you ...... don't worry, I ...... I'll go back and cancel the contract with Ling'er girl immediately."

                "Moreover, we ...... our company, are willing to pay for all the breach of contract for this termination!"

                Xue Ling'er covered her mouth, her eyes involuntarily moistened.

                She was tied to this contract without any freedom at all, and she was dreaming of breaking this contract.

                But the breach of contract was too expensive, she simply couldn't afford to pay it!

                Who would have thought that with a simple word from Lin Mo, this contract would be settled immediately?

                Not only that, the company would even pay her the breach of contract fee?

                This is like a pie in the sky!