Medical Genius Chapter 1372

 Wang's heart was even more panicked, he really couldn't understand, this seemingly unattractive young man, what kind of unbelievable identity was he?

                The heads of the ten largest families in Guangdong Province all had to sit under him?

                Moreover, the family heads of the ten families even had to treat him with such respect and politeness?

                Although he was not sure of Lin Mo's true identity, General Wang was very clear. Such a big shot was definitely not something he could mess with!

                After all, even the family heads of the Ten Great Families were able to easily deal with him!

                Chief Wang was also a resourceful person, and he hurriedly accompanied him with a smile as he arched his hand and said, "This brother, I've offended you a lot just now, so I'm here to say sorry again."

                "You are magnanimous, give me a chance!"

                Xue Ling'er was now completely shocked.

                She had to know that in her perception, her own boss, Mr. Wang, was a big man with his hands and eyes in the sky.

                Therefore, from the beginning to the end, she was all worried for Lin Mo.

                But who would have thought that Chief Wang would become so humble in front of Lin Mo.

                To be beaten up and even rush to apologise to someone, this was something she could never have dreamed of!

                Lin Mo didn't even look at Chief Wang and said in a cold voice, "My brother just said that."

                "But whoever comes here to cause trouble in this house will have to kneel and talk here!"

                "Mr. Wang, your apology is not sincere enough!"

                Chief Wang's face became extremely ugly, he was also a big boss after all.

                Although he was not as good as the ten family heads, he was still a big name in the country.

                If he knelt down for someone like this, how could he still go out in the future?

                He took a deep breath, forcing down the anger in his heart, and said with a smile, "This brother, what happened tonight, it was indeed my fault."

                "However, we haven't lost much, and I have apologised for what I have offended."

                "As long as you give me a chance, brother, in the future, I will definitely not forget this kindness, how about that?"

                The prince shot up, "Fuck you, just kneel down when you're told to, where's all the fucking nonsense?"

                "Who the hell are you to tell me about your kindness?"

                "If you believe me, you won't be able to leave here tonight!"

                Mr Wang's face turned cold, he was at least the boss of a film and television company, and although he was not worth tens of billions, he was still worth billions.

                To be scolded by a young man like this, where could he put his face?

                "Young man, I advise you, don't get too angry!"

                "Although the top ten families in Guang Province are strong, I, Wang Tianze, am not intimidated either."

                "I'd like to see just how much you can do to keep me from walking out of here!"

                When Mr. Wang finished speaking, he directly turned around and drank, "I'm leaving now."

                "If you have the guts, leave me here."

                "I, Wang Tianze, will never fight back!"

                "But you listen to me clearly too."

                "If anything happens to me, Wang Tianze, humph, when the time comes, a lot of people will be unlucky along with me!"

                After saying that, Mr. Wang turned around and was about to leave.

                He had barely taken two steps when a sneering voice came from behind him, "Mr. Wang is really brave!"

                "In all the years I've been around, I've never seen anyone dare to speak to the Crown Prince like this!"

                "Admiration! Admiration!"

                Several other family masters in the room also laughed.

                Seriously, although they were more powerful than Chief Wang, the truth was that they really didn't dare to kill him, after all, this matter was too involved.

                But, the Crown Prince was different!

                This was a madman!

                Not to mention killing a Wang Tianze, even if it was the heads of the ten great families, the Crown Prince would dare to kill them!

                If Wang Tianze were to fight with the Ten Families, the Ten Families would probably not dare to do anything to him.

                However, if he fought against the Crown Prince?

                That would be like seeking death!

                Wang Tianze froze for a moment and turned his head and said curiously, "Crown Prince? What ...... Prince of what?"