Medical Genius Chapter 1370

 Xue Ling'er's entire body was in a daze, but Lin Mo had already pulled her into the room.

                This time, Lin Mo actually took her to the main seat and had her sit beside him.

                Seeing this, the nine great family masters greeted Xue Ling'er one after another.

                Xue Ling'er sat at the table with her hands and feet at a loss, her heart more worried.

                If the company's president Wang came later, how could this be handled?

                She came over to Lin Mo and whispered, "Lin Mo, you ...... should stop."

                "Our boss, the background is very big."

                "He has many big projects all over the country, with assets of tens of billions. Black and white, hands and eyes."

                "You fight him hard like this, this ...... will be a loss ......"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and did not say anything.

                The prince leaned back in his chair and bristled, "Black and white, hand and eye?"

                "Hmph, let him pass one for me to see!"

                "Hey, listen to me clearly!"

                "Whoever comes in here, except for the waiters, will be on their fucking knees, you hear me?"

                The few bodyguards at the door immediately nodded in agreement.

                Xue Ling'er had an anxious look on her face, she was really worried about making a big deal out of it.

                However, before she could say anything, the door to the room was literally pushed open at once.

                Li Yun walked in with Wang and the others in tow.

                As soon as she entered, Li Yun pointed directly at Lin Mo: "Chief Wang, it's that son of a bitch, he ......"

                "Huh, Ling'er, why are you running here?"

                Chief Wang originally wanted to take a look at who was in the room, but when he suddenly found Xue Ling'er sitting here, he was instantly annoyed.

                At this moment, she was still sitting beside Lin Mo, this wasn't being cheated on, this was clearly a hook-up with someone, right?

                "Good for you, you bitch!"

                "I thought you had really been cheated, but I didn't expect you to come over yourself!"

                "What a pair of adulterous couples, now, what the fuck else can you say?"

                Chief Wang pointed at Xue Ling'er and opened his mouth.

                Li Yun also walked straight over and said angrily, "Ling'er, come over quickly!"

                "What are you doing?"

                "Did this son of a bitch force you to go over there?"

                "Don't worry, if there's anything, just tell me, I'll definitely help you!"

                Xue Ling'er's face swelled red as she pushed Li Yun's hand away and gritted her teeth, "Mr. Wang, this ...... matter this time has nothing to do with Lin Mo."

                "What you want to do with it, that's all my business, you ...... you don't involve others, okay?"

                General Wang glanced at her disdainfully, "You're not qualified to bargain with me!"

                "Get back at once!"

                "I'll settle the score with you properly later!"

                Xue Ling'er's face was red as tears continued to well up in her eyes.

                In front of these big shots, she knew that she didn't have a single word to say.

                "I told you to go back, didn't you hear me?"

                One of the bodyguards beside Chief Wang scolded angrily.

                Gritting her teeth, Xue Ling'er was just about to get up, but was stopped by Lin Mo reaching out his hand.

                "Don't pay any attention to him!"

                "I said, tonight, I'll treat you to dinner!"

                "With me here, no one can let you go!"

                Xue Ling'er's eyes were red and tears gushed out directly.

                Mr. Wang was furious: "Fuck you, what are you talking about?"

                "I'll give you a chance to say what you just said again?"

                Lin Mo frowned and said in a cold voice, "Chief Wang, watch your words."

                "Don't cause any more unnecessary trouble because of a few words!"

                A man beside General Wang directly cursed angrily, "Shut up!"

                "Who the hell are you to tell my Mr. Wang to pay attention?"

                "You don't even have to take a look at yourself, are you worthy of talking to my Mr. Wang!"

                "You're a piece of shit, what's with the unnecessary trouble?"

                "I'm standing right here, I'd like to see, what kind of trouble can there be?"

                The crowd around them all burst into laughter, looking at Lin Mo with disdain in their eyes.

                Lin Mo glanced at them, "Want to know what kind of trouble?"

                "Fine, I'll make it happen!"

                As soon as Lin Mo's words fell, several people suddenly rushed out from the doorway, and with three strokes of their hands, they pushed several people, the General Manager Wang, down to the ground.