Medical Genius Chapter 137-138

 Chapter 137

Xu Hanxia looked embarrassed: "Ping Ping, please calm down first."

                "We haven't seen each other for so long, don't get angry over this trivial matter."

                "Lin Mo, don't argue with Ping Ping either. Come on, let's eat first, let's eat first!"

                Only after a good deal of persuasion did Ping sit down with a huff.

                Soon, the meal came up, all of them were steaks and the like.

                The tableware, too, was the standard knife and fork.

                Of course, there were chopsticks next to them, in case someone was not used to using knives and forks.

                Lin Mo, of course, was not used to using knives and forks, so he took his chopsticks and started eating.

                When Peter took a look, he immediately shouted in an exaggerated manner, "This gentleman, this is not the way to eat Western food."

                "When you eat Western food, you have to use a knife and fork."

                "What's the difference between eating like this and being a barbarian?"

                This voice caused the people at the nearby tables to look over, and all of them sneered.

                "Yo, this is the first time I've seen someone eat a steak with chopsticks."

                "What's so strange about that? Those big roughnecks on my construction site, pull any of them over, they must all eat steak with chopsticks!"

                "How did this kind of coarse people get into such a high-end place like Yipinxuan?"

                "Didn't you see? It's a treat from that rich high roller across the street."

                "I reckon ah, it's the first time in his life he's entered such a high-end place!"

                Ping also looked contemptuous: "Halfsia, why do you think you brought him out?"

                "What kind of person eats Western food with chopsticks, using a knife and fork, that's the civilised way to eat!"

                "It's so ungentlemanly and uncivilised for him to do that!"

                "Isn't this a disgrace to us?"

                Lin Mo brushed his lips, "Eating with chopsticks is humiliating?"

                "You've been eating with chopsticks since you were a kid, why don't you feel ashamed?"

                "I'm just wondering, how can something left behind by our ancestors for thousands of years be a disgrace?"

                "According to you, our Chinese heritage of thousands of years is all uncivilised?"

                Ping immediately said, "I didn't say it was disgraceful to use chopsticks, but it also depends on the occasion!"

                "Why do you need chopsticks when you're eating Western food?"

                "When you eat Western food, use a knife and fork, that's the civilised way to eat!"

                "It's not gentlemanly for you to eat like that!"

                "If you want to use chopsticks, why don't you go to a Chinese restaurant, why come to a Western restaurant?"

                Lin Mo asked rhetorically, "If you want to eat western food, why don't you go to a foreign country and have to eat in China?"

                Ping was stunned: "This ...... eating western food here is a cultural exchange between the two countries."

                "In China, why can't you eat western food?"

                Lin Mo: "Since it is a cultural exchange between the two countries, then why can't you use chopsticks when eating Western food in China?"

                Ping immediately stuttered and said angrily, "Are you a man, what else do you have other than strong words?"

                "Forget it, I won't argue with you, it looks like I have no quality!"

                Lin Mo was tit-for-tat: "Quality is not something you say, it's something you do."

                "What I eat and how I eat it, that's my own business!"

                "Don't you know? There is a quality called not interfering in other people's business!"

                "You ......" Ping was so angry that she couldn't speak.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly rounded up the situation, "Forget it, forget it."

                "Ping Ping, Lin Mo doesn't like to use a knife and fork, just settle for it."

                "Lin Mo, don't argue with Ping Ping either."

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded as he continued to eat with his chopsticks.

                Across the table, Peter glanced at Lin Mo and muttered in a low voice, "Barbarian!"

                Not to be outdone, Lin Mo also replied directly back, "Stinking fool!"

Chapter 138

Peter froze for a moment, "What does it mean?"

                His Chinese level was not good enough to understand the meaning of these three words.

                Lin Mo said straightforwardly, "Nothing, complimenting you!"

                Xu Hanxia sniggered, put her hand behind Lin Mo's back and gently pinched it.

                Lin Mo backhanded and clasped Xu Hanxia's catkin, and Xu Hanxia's cheeks instantly turned scarlet.

                With an annoyed face, Ping ate for a moment and then suddenly said, "Lin Mo, how's the hospital job going?"

                "Your education is too low, I even asked my cousin to help me in order to get you into the hospital in the first place."

                "I heard my cousin say that you went to clean toilets?"

                "That's good too, you're perfect for that job, you don't need a degree after all!"

                "You have to do a good job, you have to cherish this hard-won job!"

                Lin Mo frowned.

                Ping Ping's cousin, was that Zhao Jiafan.

                When Lin Mo had first entered the hospital, it was Xu Hanxia who had found someone to help.

                Ping hadn't helped half as much, and had even encouraged Zhao Jiafan to target Lin Mo several times.

                It can be said that Ping was one of the people behind the arrangement for Lin Mo to work as a cleaner.

                Now Ping was deliberately saying it in front of everyone, clearly humiliating him.

                Sensing that Lin Mo was not in the right mood, Xu Hanxia hurriedly took his hand and laughed, "Lin Mo is planning to resign from the hospital and join me in the future, in the pharmaceutical industry too."

                "Is that so?" Ping laughed coldly, "Lin Mo, I used to think you were still a bit bloody-minded to go out and earn a living on your own."

                "How come you haven't seen me for a year and you've become like this?"

                "Eating soft rice, is it really addictive?"

                "And now you're totally dependent on Han Xia?"

                "Are you still a man?"

                Lin Mo's face was chilled and he was just about to speak when Peter lifted his glass.

                "Miss Xu, you're in the pharmaceutical industry, huh?"

                Xu Hanxia nodded: "Her family runs a pharmaceutical company, Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "Oh?" Peter smiled, "In that case, we are still considered peers."

                Xu Hanxia smiled, not intending to communicate much with this Peter.

                However, Peter was not willing to do so and continued, "I am the new Executive President invited back by the Shengyuan Group, and I am mainly responsible for the business of the Shengyuan Group."

                "Since Miss Xu is a pharmaceutical company, it just so happens that she can cooperate with our Shengyuan Group."

                "Miss Xu, why don't you leave a phone number and let's talk about cooperation later?"

                Xu Hanxia's eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, your fiancĂ©e was here and you directly asked for someone's phone number, what kind of scum is this?

                Lin Mo: "Sorry, recently Xu Pharmaceutical's business has been too busy to take on other business."

                Ping Ping was directly annoyed: "Lin Mo, what do you mean?"

                "When did it become your turn to speak when Hanxia and my fiancĂ© talk about business matters?"

                "What, do you really consider yourself the owner of the Xu family, you've even started to take charge of the Xu family's properties?"

                "Besides, even if you do manage the Xu family's estate, then you still have to put your business first."

                "I haven't heard of that business that doesn't want business!"

                The people at the next few tables were also whispering, all feeling that Lin Mo was bragging too much.

                But all companies are desperately trying to grab business, I've never heard of a company that doesn't need business!

                They did not know that what Lin Mo said was true.

                Xu Pharmaceutical had just received three billion dollars in orders.

                These orders would probably have to last until next year, so where would there be time to take on other orders?