Medical Genius Chapter 1368

 Mr. Wang was unaware of the situation and really thought that Xue Ling'er had been tricked, so he was furious and thunderstruck.

                "What nerve, how dare you go against our company!"

                "Who the hell is this Lin? What exactly does he do?"

                "Find out for me immediately, this matter, I will definitely not let him go!"

                Chief Wang hissed angrily.

                He had originally planned to give Xue Ling'er to Ma Tiancheng this time, and in the meantime, he would hook up with Ma Tiancheng to get a few big projects on this side of Guang Province.

                As a result, he got the news that Xue Ling'er did not end up accompanying Ma Tiancheng last night.

                The agent could not be found, and when he called Ma Tiancheng, the other party did not answer either.

                He thought that Ma Tiancheng was angry about this, and then his plan would be completely bankrupt.

                He was also angry mainly because of this.

                Now that he learnt that it was a milquetoast brat who had ruined his good deed, he was of course furious.

                Li Yun was overjoyed.

                Being able to put this on Lin Mo would help Xue Ling'er get rid of the relationship.

                As for what Wang Gu would do to Lin Mo, that was not something she would care about.

                Anyway, she also looked at Lin Mo with displeasure, and it just happened to be the most suitable way to deal with Lin Mo by borrowing the hand of General Wang.

                "Mr. Wang, when I came in just now, I happened to meet that Lin."

                "He's also eating at this Wanhe Hotel tonight!"

                Li Yun said in a hurry.

                A cold aura flashed in Mr. Wang's eyes, "Is that so?"

                "Hmph, this is really a case of injustice!"

                "Fine, go and find out for me exactly which room he is in."

                "I'll go over and pay him a visit myself later!"

                Li Yun was overjoyed, "No problem."

                "Mr. Wang, wait a moment!"

                Li Yun finished speaking and directly pulled Xue Ling'er out of the private room.

                Xue Ling'er was filled with anxiety, "Yun'er, this ...... is not appropriate, right?"

                "This matter, how can we put it on Lin Mo?"

                "No, I ...... have to go and talk to Mr. Wang to make it clear!"

                Li Yun pulled her back, "Ling'er, you're sick in the head, aren't you?"

                "If you go and talk to General Wang now, how do you think Wang will treat you?"

                "Don't forget, Mr. Wang's investment in those projects this time is not small."

                "If you mess up like that last night, these projects will basically go yellow."

                "When the time comes, he will count all this money on you, how will you live afterwards?"

                Xue Ling'er blushed miserably: "But I ...... can't create something out of nothing and let Lin Mo take the blame, right?"

                "This matter, it was originally my business, it has nothing to do with him either ......"

                Li Yun said indignantly, "How is it okay?"

                "If it's okay, why did he strip you naked?"

                "I'll tell you what, you don't care if he did anything to you. Anyway, if he took off your clothes, he's responsible for you!"

                "Alright, this matter, just leave it alone, let me help you out!"

                Li Yun waved her hand and ran straight to the front desk, asking Lin Mo exactly which private room they were in.

                Xue Ling'er couldn't argue with Li Yun, so she could only silently follow behind.

                Li Yun asked for the room number and immediately ran back to Mr. Wang with great enthusiasm to report the news.

                Xue Ling'er walked behind her and slipped away quietly.

                She took advantage of Li Yun's lack of attention and immediately ran upstairs and found the private room where Lin Mo was.

                She knocked on the door and entered, only to see a dozen people sitting in the room, basically all the people she had met last night, the nine great family heads were all here.

                Prince Lin Mo was sitting at the main seat, surrounded by all these people in the middle.

                When they saw Xue Ling'er enter, all the people in the room looked at Lin Mo in unison.

                Even the crown prince looked at Lin Mo with a smile, "Yo, this is still getting emotional?"

                "Look, it's coming for you again!"

                Li Tiezui also came over, "Tsk, what, I told you so?"

                "This kind of girl, it's hard to get rid of!"

                Wang Qingyun was rather resourceful, he immediately stood up and said smilingly, "So it's Madam Lin who's here!"

                "Madam Lin, quickly, please take your seat!"