Medical Genius Chapter 1366

 7pm, Wanhe Hotel.

                The three of them, Prince Lin Mo and Li Tiezui, arrived here.

                The prince went to park downstairs, so Lin Mo and Li Tiezui stood at the entrance and waited.

                Li Tiezui had changed his clothes, not sure which year's Zhongshan suit it was, the collar was washed white.

                A pair of western trousers, obviously a cut shorter, revealing a yellowing white sock.

                This outfit, standing in front of the Wanhe Hotel, simply formed a great visual conflict, attracting the attention of countless people around.

                Li Tiezui himself did not care at all, while holding a small comb to carefully comb the greasy middle parted hair, while recklessly gawking at the girls passing by.

                From time to time, he even exchanged a few words with Lin Mo: "Yo, look at that girl, what a big ass! Look at the way she's twisting, it's really powerful!"

                "Look at that, it's like a steamed bun, she's probably had many boyfriends!"

                "Hey, this girl, her legs are so white and long!"

                "Tsk, that girl, that's not bad ......"

                Lin Mo was speechless, he really wanted to pretend that he didn't know this old pervert.

                You can just take a look, and you're even commenting on it? What, are you afraid people won't know you're a hooligan?

                As he was talking, a luxury car drove up to the entrance and two girls wearing sunglasses got out of the car.

                Although the sunglasses covered most of their faces, the two girls' facial features still overwhelmed all the girls around.

                These two girls were none other than Xue Ling'er and Li Yun.

                The two of them were here tonight to feast with the owner of the film company, trying to settle the matter of Xue Ling'er.

                Li Tiezui's eyes were all rounded, staring straight at the two girls, even stopping the act of combing his hair.

                Lin Mo took a glance at them and only felt that something looked familiar, and did not care.

                When Xue Ling'er saw Lin Mo, her whole body froze.

                She had spent the whole day today pondering whether Lin Mo had insulted herself last night or not.

                She was conflicted in her heart. On the one hand, she had an indescribable trust in Lin Mo.

                On the other hand, she felt that Li Yun was right. In this society, how could there be such a thing as taking off one's clothes to get rid of poison?

                Honestly, she herself did not know how to face this matter, and could only pray that she would never see Lin Mo again in her life.

                But who would have thought that the wrongdoer would be the first to see Lin Mo when she first arrived here.

                Li Yun was surprised to see Xue Ling'er frozen, "Ling'er, what's wrong?"

                Xue Ling'er's face was pale and she said in a trembling voice, "That ...... that's the man from last night ......"

                Li Yun froze for a moment and her face instantly changed as she fiercely glared at Lin Mo.

                Seeing Lin Mo, it was nothing.

                However, when she saw the almost drooling look of Li Tiezui next to her, she was on fire on the spot.

                Wasn't that the standard hooligan look?

                What kind of good person could one be who stood with a hooligan?

                Li Yun was so furious that she directly rushed up and threw a slap at Lin Mo: "Stinking rascal, I'll beat you to death!"

                Lin Mo dodged and avoided it, his brow furrowed.

                Where did this female shrew come from?

                Li Tiezui smiled heatedly at Lin Mo: "What's wrong, emotional debt?"

                Li Yun missed a slap, so she became even more angry and slapped Li Tiezui's face with her backhand.

                Li Tiezui froze for a moment: "Why are you hitting me?"

                Li Yun: "I'm happy to!"

                "You are all in it together, you are not good people!"

                Li Tiezui looked aggrieved, but he didn't dare to speak.

                Li Yun pointed at Lin Mo: "You're the one surnamed Lin, right?"

                "Stinking rascal, how dare you bully my Ling'er?"

                "I won't let you go!"

                Only then did Lin Mo recognise that the one standing at the back was Xue Ling'er.

                He frowned, "Girl, I think you've made a mistake, haven't you?"

                "When did I bully her?"

                Annoyed, Li Yun was just about to lash out, but was pulled back by Xue Ling'er.

                "Yun'er, stop it."

                "There are so many people around, do you ...... you want me to lose my face?"

                Xue Ling'er said with a sobbing voice.