Medical Genius Chapter 1365

 Xue Ling'er shook her head hurriedly, "Yun'er, you misunderstood him."

                "I ...... I checked, actually ...... I wasn't actually insulted."

                "I ...... I'm not even bleeding ......."

                Li Yun glared at her, "Silly egg, what do you know?"

                "Oh, he took your clothes off and said he didn't insult you, you believe that?"

                "What you're still a baby?"

                "Heh, if he hadn't seen it, how would he know?"

                Xue Ling'er's face turned scarlet, "But if ...... if he looked, then he ...... then why didn't he ...... not touch me ......"

                Li Yun said indignantly, "Two possibilities!"

                "First, he is a coward, cowardly, can not bear the consequences, so, dare not touch you, just take advantage of something else!"

                "Second, hmph, it means he's no good, an incompetent, can't do anything with you, so he can only use perverted methods and take off your clothes to molest you!"

                Xue Ling'er was confused, her eyes widened, "Really ...... really?"

                Li Yun: "Or else what?"

                "Ling'er, wake up, will you?"

                "What kind of society is this, do you really think that there is that kind of real gentleman in this world who sits on his hands and doesn't make a mess?"

                "I'm telling you, there's no good thing about men!"

                Xue Ling'er's tears welled up once again, remembering her trust in Lin Mo, she simply hated him to death.

                "I'm telling you, this matter, it can't just end like this!"

                "You have his contact information, right?"

                "Today, I'm going to find this person for you no matter what, and help you get out of this bad temper!"

                Li Yun exclaimed.

                Xue Ling'er remembered Lin Mo's prowess last night and quickly waved her hand, "Forget it."

                "Yun'er, he has a lot of power over here in the provincial city ......"

                Li Yun laughed coldly straight away, "A lot of power?"

                "Heh, I just don't believe it, how powerful he can be!"

                "I'm telling you, this boss I recently met is coming here tonight, I'll introduce you to him then."

                "Just this boss, black and white, his hands are all over the place."

                "There aren't many people around the country who dare not give him face."

                "He's bullying us? See how I'll deal with him!"

                Xue Ling'er just shook her head, she was of a weaker disposition and did not want to make more trouble.

                Li Yun persisted for a while, seeing that she really couldn't be persuaded, she could only sigh helplessly.

                "Hey, you fool, you don't know what you've been worrying about all day, do you?"

                "Forget it, since you won't pursue it, then I won't say anything either."

                "However, this banquet tonight, you have to arrange it no matter what."

                "Otherwise, in the future, this acting career of yours will be finished!"

                After Xue Ling'er ran away from Ma Tiancheng last night, her manager contacted the company's senior management directly, saying that Xue Ling'er had disobeyed the company's arrangements.

                The company executives were furious and threatened to snowball her, and even made her pay for breach of contract or something.

                Later, that agent was killed by the Prince, so the company had no idea what happened behind the scenes.

                They couldn't find the agent and the information they got was that Xue Ling Er was disobedient.

                So, the company's people had rushed to Guang Province, just to deal with this matter of Xue Ling'er.

                If this matter is not handled properly tonight, I am afraid that Xue Ling'er will be in real trouble in the future.

                Li Yun rushed here to help Xue Ling'er deal with this matter.

                Xue Ling'er's face became miserable white: "Yun'er, the company side, I ...... what do I do ah?"

                Li Yun smiled, "Don't worry, I've already called that boss over."

                "He said that he will help you set this matter right!"

                Only then did Xue Ling'er breathe a sigh of relief.

                Li Yun: "By the way, has the hotel been booked yet?"

                Xue Ling'er nodded: "It's booked."

                "It's at the most luxurious hotel in Guang Province, the Wanhe Hotel!"

                Li Yun nodded in satisfaction, "It's well done."

                "It has to be this kind of hotel, to be worthy of these big shots!"