Medical Genius Chapter 1364

 Lin Mo couldn't help but be shocked, who the hell was this Li Tiezui?

                How dare he say such confident words?

                Prince: "Old man Li, what about the future?"

                "The Assassin Alliance, will they send assassins to assassinate Lin Mo one after another?"

                Li Tiezui waved his hand, "That's not so much."

                "The Assassins' Union is still relatively disciplined in what they do."

                "When you spend money, you are hiring this assassin, and this assassin will keep hunting down the target until the mission is completed."

                "Of course, if this assassin is killed, then the mission would be tantamount to a failure."

                "The Assassins' Union, too, will not continue to send someone to assassinate this target, unless the employer adds more money, then it is tantamount to hiring another assassin to carry out the mission."

                "If you kill these assassins now, it would be the same as them failing this mission."

                "Unless Nalan Yong adds money, the Assassins' Union will not come to you!"

                The prince breathed a sigh of relief, "In that case, then I'm relieved."

                Lin Mo's heart also settled down a little, while he became even more curious about this Assassins' Alliance.

                "The rules of the Assassins' Alliance are rather unique, huh?"

                Lin Mo said.

                Li Tiezui showed his teeth, "With strength, of course it's more unique."

                "The Human Assassins Alliance has that strength, so others have to follow their rules."

                "Moreover, the assassins of the Assassins' Union are divided into three, six and nine classes."

                "If you don't want the mission to fail, you can pay a high price and hire a higher ranked assassin."

                "As long as you spend enough money, heck, the six kings of the world, they're all willing to help you kill them!"

                Lin Mo and the Crown Prince both stared in awe, their faces full of shock.

                The Six Kings of the World were by no means idle, they were all near invincible existences.

                How could the Assassin Alliance even dare to take on such a task?

                The strength of this Assassin Alliance was really something!

                When the three of them returned to the city, Lin Mo suddenly received a call from Ma Tiancheng, asking him what to do with those luxury items in his room.

                Lin Mo was a little puzzled, and only after asking carefully did he find out what was going on.

                It turned out that when Xue Ling'er had left, she had not taken those luxury items with her.

                All those things were left in the hotel, and the hotel attendants were shocked when they tidied up the room and hurriedly found Ma Tiancheng to ask about it.

                Lin Mo was also a little surprised, he knew very well how attractive those luxury items were to girls.

                At that time, Xue Ling'er's eyes were glowing when she looked at those luxury items. Even a star couldn't resist the temptation of those luxuries!

                Moreover, at that time, he had also said that he would give all these luxury items to Xue Ling'er.

                Unexpectedly, this girl, in the end, only wore one outfit and left?

                The rest, none of them were taken away.

                This was a bit out of Lin Mo's expectation.

                If it was any other girl, she would have packed it all away.

                Lin Mo didn't bother with this, he let Ma Tiancheng take care of it himself.

                Just after hanging up the phone here, Wang Qingyun called.

                Their nine family heads had booked a banquet at the Wanhe Hotel for Lin Mo and the Crown Prince, saying that they wanted to make amends with Lin Mo and the Crown Prince.

                Lin Mo didn't refuse and agreed to go on the spot.

                At this moment, in another five-star hotel in the provincial city.

                Xue Ling'er was sitting in front of an equally fair-skinned and beautiful girl, her eyes swollen from crying.

                This girl, who was also a popular actress in China, was called Li Yun.

                She and Xue Ling'er were classmates and started their careers together, and they had always been close.

                Li Yun belonged to the type with a violent personality, and after hearing Xue Ling'er's words, she was only furious and stormed out, "Ling'er, you've been cheated!"

                "You think this is a martial arts drama? And what about taking off your clothes to get rid of poison and heal your wounds?"

                "I'll tell you, that man is simply a rogue who deliberately took advantage of you!"

                "This kind of person, absolutely cannot be spared!"