Medical Genius Chapter 1363

 Lin Mo carried this assassin into the house, and the prince also walked in with Li Tiezui.

                "Who told you to come and kill me?"

                Lin Mo asked in a deep voice.

                That assassin's face was cold and he didn't say a word.

                Even his ribs had been broken by Lin Mo just now, yet he didn't have the slightest expression of pain.

                Lin Mo's face was slightly cold, and he was about to plan to use torture on him.

                At this moment, Li Tiezui walked over.

                "There's no need to ask."

                "This kind of killer is similar to a kind of killing machine, it's impossible to know who the employer is!"

                Li Tiezui said.

                Lin Mo was surprised: "Why?"

                Li Tiezui: "The few assassins in this room all come from one of the biggest assassin alliances in China called the Assassin Alliance."

                "They were all professional assassins who were taken back from a very young age and trained through ten years of hard training on an island in the Pacific Ocean."

                "You don't even have to look at them as human beings because, they barely have a human mind and only know how to carry out orders to kill!"

                "The League of Assassins, will only tell them their targets. Anything else, they don't know anything about!"

                "Even, they don't even know who they are!"

                Lin Mo's eyes widened, he didn't expect that there would still be such assassins.

                The prince was also shocked, "The Assassins' Union?"

                "I've heard my uncle mention it before, they're not just the biggest assassin alliance in China, they're ranked in the top three in the whole world."

                "However, the price for hiring an assassin from the Assassin Alliance is very high."

                "Who exactly hired them?"

                Li Tiezui gave Lin Mo a look, "If I'm right, I guess it was someone from the Nalan family who did it."

                Lin Mo: "How do you know?"

                Li Tiezui shrugged, "You made Nalan Yong suffer a big loss last time in Guangyang City."

                "This person, Nalan Yong, has always been vengeful, how could he just give up like that?"

                "He's back in the capital, not too convenient to come out, so he had to find a killer to do the job."

                "No assassin in the six southern provinces can escape the Prince's eyes. The best way is to give the task to the Assassins' Union!"

                Lin Mo was suddenly enlightened, while his brows furrowed.

                If this was really the case, and he was missed by the Assassins' Union, then he would probably have to have quite a lot of trouble in the future!

                Lin Mo tried to use silver needle torture to force these few assassins.

                As a result, just as Li Tiezui had said, nothing was asked out.

                On the contrary, these assassins, to their surprise, bit through the poison pills hidden in the roots of their teeth and killed themselves.

                This shows that the assassins trained by this Assassins' Union are indeed very difficult to deal with.

                Walking out of the courtyard, the Crown Prince wondered, "Old man Li, how did you know that these people were the ones who assassinated Lin Mo?"

                Li Tiezui: "The kind of poison they used is the exclusive formula of the Assassins' Alliance, there is no other!"

                Lin Mo's heart twitched, he was still surprised at this matter earlier.

                He had received the inheritance of the jade pendant, and it could be said that there was no poison in the world that he didn't know about.

                However, he really didn't know exactly what kind of poison that was last night.

                Moreover, he was still carrying the jade pendant that Barbara had given him, so he could basically say that he was invulnerable to all poisons.

                At that time, that kind of poison, however, had almost put him down.

                The most crucial thing was that he could not use medicinal means to cure the poison at that time either, and could only use silver needles plus internal strength to help Xue Ling'er get rid of the poison.

                Now, it seemed that this exclusive formula of the Assassins' Union was really not simple.

                Prince: "Then how did you know they would be here?"

                Li Tiezui showed his big yellow teeth, "That's no nonsense!"

                "They only have one stronghold in the provincial capital, if not here, where could they be?"

                Prince: "......"

                Lin Mo gave Li Tiezui a look, "Then how do you know where the Assassin Alliance's stronghold is?"

                Li Tiezui smiled, "Do you really think that I squat in the market every day just to lie to people there?"

                "Let me tell you this, in these six southern provinces, as long as I want to know, there is not a single thing that can escape my eyes!"