Medical Genius Chapter 1362

 Lin Mo was quite shocked in his heart.

                However, when he thought about it, since the Crown Prince could treat him in such an attitude, it was enough to show that this Li Tiezui was not simple.

                This might really be a high level person hiding in the city.

                Lin Mo told him about the man who had poisoned him last night.

                After hearing this, Li Tiezui nodded his head and said, "I know."

                "Let's go, find him!"

                Li Tiezui put the mirror comb into his arms and patted his buttocks as he walked off in front.

                Lin Mo was dumbfounded, going straight for it, huh?

                He walked behind with the prince, quietly pulling him along and whispering, "Who's this?"

                The prince shrugged, "I don't know much about him, it's said that he used to be a ruthless man in the northwest, but his exact identity is unclear."

                "But, some years earlier, saved me and my mother."

                "I stayed with him for two years."

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, it seemed that this Li Tiezui was probably really not simple.

                The three of them walked to the car, the three of them piled into the car, and under Li Tiezui's command, they drove the car to the outskirts of the city, outside a village that was considered remote.

                Li Tiezui pointed to a house at the eastern end of the village, "Here, the killer you're looking for is hiding in there."

                "However, there's probably more than one killer inside, so you have to be on your guard!"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly and led the prince along with him as he walked over.

                When he came to the front of this house, Lin Mo asked the Crown Prince to guard the door while he directly pushed the door and walked in.

                The courtyard was silent, and the moment Lin Mo entered the door, he clearly felt that there was some small movement inside the house, but it soon died down.

                It looked like the people in the house had already found him.

                Lin Mo, full of vigilance, walked into the house step by step.

                Inside the house, the curtains were all drawn and there were no lights, making it rather dim.

                Lin Mo walked into the interior and raised his attention to the utmost.

                He had just taken three steps when there was a slight sound above his head.

                Lin Mo looked up, only to see a man in black quickly falling from overhead, a cold blade stabbing straight down.

                At the same time, two people leapt out of the darkness on either side, attacking Lin Mo's left and right respectively.

                Behind him, there was also the sound of breaking air. There was no doubt that there were also people hiding behind the door.

                The only way out now was to go forward.

                In front of him was an empty space, except for a table, on top of which was a wooden box.

                Lin Mo didn't have time to think about it and quickly took a step forward.

                Who knew that just as he took this step, he felt the floor beneath his feet collapse a little.

                Immediately afterwards, the wooden box on the table in front of him suddenly opened and three cold rays of light flew out at the same time, as if they were three bullets.

                It was impossible for anyone else to think of such a situation.

                This wooden box was actually the real killer!

                However, at this point, it was already too late to dodge.

                Lin Mo let out a muffled grunt and fiercely tore his sleeve, grabbing it and swinging it hard, swirling the three cold auras into it, before he could avoid this fatal blow.

                At that moment, several people behind him also struck out quickly and attacked him again.

                Lin Mo rolled on the ground, dodging the attacks of several people, and grabbed several silver needles with both hands, scattering them behind him at the same time.

                Only two screams were heard as two men were hit by the silver needles and fell to the ground.

                Two more people saw the situation and turned around to run.

                Lin Mo had already quickly chased after them, grabbed one of them by the ankle and threw him to the ground, breaking a few ribs.

                The other man had already run to the door, but the Prince was guarding the outside and kicked him straight back.

                Lin Mo ran over and carried him back.

                After that, Lin Mo patrolled all the rooms and found that there was no one else.

                Inside this house, there were only these four killers.

                Lin Mo took one look and straight away recognised the assassin who had poisoned him last night!

                Li Tiezui had indeed been right, this killer was, in fact, really hiding here.