Medical Genius Chapter 1361

 This question made Lin Mo's heart jump.

                This Li Tiezui, could it be that he knew something about him?

                However, to be on the safe side, Lin Mo still casually said a name.

                Li Tiezui was a little disappointed, however, there was still some reluctance among his eyes.

                "That, is it convenient for you to let me read your palm?"

                Li Tiezui asked.

                Lin Mo was puzzled, but still walked over and extended his hand.

                Li Tiezui grabbed Lin Mo's hand, looked at it carefully, and stared at Lin Mo for a long time.

                Finally, he actually grinned.

                "Young man, I see that you are destined for me!"

                "How about this, from now on, you hire me over."

                "I'm not picky, just give me a few dozen beautiful women with white skin, long legs and, most importantly, nice asses to protect me."

                "Salary, just give me a few hundred million a month, I'm not picky."

                "How about that?"

                The prince was dumbfounded, and so was Lin Mo.

                "You're crazy, aren't you?"

                Both of them said at the same time.

                Only, the two people were not expressing the same meaning.

                The prince was shocked, this Li Tiezui, had actually come out of the mountain?

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, was dumbfounded, is this a fucking request that you can make?

                Li Tiezui heatedly smiled, "Just tell me if it's a hit or miss, right?"

                Without waiting for Lin Mo to refuse, the prince immediately said, "I'll pay double!"

                Lin Mo was frozen, what was the situation?

                Li Tiezui glared directly at the crown prince, "It's got nothing to do with you!"

                "Get the hell out of here!"

                "Boss Lin, what do you think?"

                Lin Mo scratched his head, "I ...... think I'll let it go."

                "I can't afford that price for you."

                The way the prince looked at Lin Mo, he was practically crumbling.

                Li Tiezui: "Uh, you're in the start-up phase, I get it."

                "Tell you what, how much did you say it would cost?"

                Lin Mo: "Actually, I ...... I don't plan on hiring anyone."

                "Besides, even if we hire someone on our side, the salary, that is also linked to the ability performance."

                "The base salary, that is also five thousand to start ......"

                Li Tiezui: "Deal!"

                Lin Mo: "......"

                "What ...... what on a deal?"

                Li Tiezui stood up and patted his butt: "Five thousand a month."

                "But you have to manage all the food, clothing, housing and transportation!"

                Lin Mo was confused, what was going on here?

                Wasn't he here to find a killer?

                Why was there suddenly an additional employee?

                Looking at Li Tiezui, this guy had pulled out a small mirror and a small comb from somewhere and was carefully tending to his greasy hair in the mirror.

                When he thought of such a person following him around in the future, Lin Mo only felt hairy all over his body.

                It was the Crown Prince who had an envious look on his face, "Old man Li, let's discuss this?"

                "Over in Sea City, there are plenty of beautiful women."

                A light flashed in Li Tiezui's eyes, and then he waved his hand, "Pull back."

                "Other than your mother, I'm not interested in those!"

                "I'm with this kid, mainly because we are destined to be together!"

                "As the saying goes, it's fate that we come to meet each other from a thousand miles!"

                Lin Mo was crying, who is destined to meet you?

                In the end, Li Tiezui packed up his things and followed behind Lin Mo.

                "Boss, where are we going now?"

                Lin Mo had a speechless look on his face.

                The prince sighed: "Since you've taken him as your boss, you must at least find that killer from last night first, right?"

                Li Tiezui: "No problem."

                "This killer, it's good to find."

                "Boss, what kind of poison did that kid use last night?"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised: "How do you know it was with poison?"

                Li Tiezui: "Being able to retreat under your hands means that you two didn't even fight head to head."

                "If it wasn't poisoning, what else could it be?"

                At this moment, Lin Mo had to look at Li Tiezui squarely.

                This man, could it be that he was still a deeply hidden master?