Medical Genius Chapter 1360

 It was an old market of the kind from the nineties, which sold everything.

                With a puzzled face, Lin Mo followed the Prince and walked all the way to the end of this market.

                At the end of this market, there was a stall.

                There was a banner erected next to the stall - Iron Mouth Divine Judgement, Unpredictable!

                Looking at the stall owner, it was a middle-aged man with greasy hair.

                He had two beards, small eyes and a mouth full of big yellow teeth.

                The most crucial thing was that his greasy hair, which was combed into a middle parting, looked as if he was a traitorous lackey.

                He stroked his beard with both hands and eyed the passers-by, focusing mainly on the asses of the girls passing by.

                He would stare at any girl with a slightly larger ass and see her off until she was gone.

                If the girl was close to his stall, he would even take the opportunity to say, "Girl, I see that you have a dark seal, I'm afraid you've had a bloodbath recently."

                "How about I take a look at it for you?"

                "I, the divine calculator, pry into the heavens only to help save mundane mortals, it's your destiny to meet me, don't miss out."

                When he said this, with this image of him, there wasn't a girl who wouldn't be scared away.

                The prince led Lin Mo, smiling, to the stall and sat down on his butt.

                "Old man Li, help me see, how is my recent luck with peach blossoms?"

                As soon as the stall owner saw the prince, he immediately glanced back as if he was looking for something.

                Finally, and disappointedly, he shook his head, "How come it's you who's here?"

                "Where is your mother?"

                If it were anyone else, asking the Crown Prince's mother in this way, the Crown Prince would definitely have killed someone on the spot.

                However, the crown prince was all tolerant of this stall owner.

                Hearing his words, not only was the Crown Prince not angry, but he said with a smile on his face, "My mother didn't come!"

                "But she said that if you stare at her again, then she will pluck out your eyes as well and go home and make wine to drink!"

                The stall owner leaned back in his chair and said smilingly, "That's fine."

                "That way, I'll be able to look at her all day long!"

                "As the saying goes, if you die under a peony flower, you'll be a ghost!"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                The prince rolled his eyes, but didn't get angry.

                Lin Mo was looking dumbfounded beside him, it was the first time he had seen the Crown Prince being so tolerant of a person.

                One should know that the Crown Prince had a strange personality and an extremely heavy killing temper. Anyone who dared to disrespect his mother, he would kill them!

                And this stall owner, who looked extremely lewd, could make the Crown Prince so tolerant, what kind of person was this?

                "Lin Mo, let me introduce you."

                "This one, his name is Li Tiezui."

                "Old Li Tau, this is my buddy, Lin Mo!"

                The prince said.

                Li Tiezui didn't even raise his head, crossing his legs, "Nothing to do, get lost."

                "Don't hold up my business here."

                "Just like you, which idiot is blind enough to make friends with you?"

                The prince was not angry and said directly, "Last night, my friend was assassinated."

                "However, I checked the six provinces in the south of the border and there is no assassin to do this."

                "You help me to find out who actually did this?"

                Lin Mo was even more puzzled, even the Crown Prince couldn't find out what this Li Tiezui could find out?

                Only then did Li Tiezui open his eyes and said suspiciously, "A killer from outside the Southern Realm?"

                "What kind of person is this friend of yours?"

                "There's still a need to transfer killers from outside the realm?"

                Having said that, he finally raised his head and looked at Lin Mo.

                With just one look, his face changed violently.

                He jumped straight up and pointed at Lin Mo sharply, "You ...... you ...... you ......"

                The prince was surprised: "What's wrong?"

                Li Tiezui looked as if he had seen a ghost, and only after a long time did he say excitedly, "Your name is Lin Mo?"

                Lin Mo nodded, also full of doubts.

                Li Tiezui took a deep breath, "What is your ...... father's name?"