Medical Genius Chapter 1359

 Lin Mo and Xue Ling'er both looked dumbfounded.

                It was shocking enough that so many clothes had been delivered just now, and now so many bags?

                Was the prince taking all these luxury goods from the shop?

                "Why are there still bags?"

                Xue Ling'er timidly looked towards Lin Mo, looking at these bags, she was also envious.

                However, she was still aware of her status and position, and didn't dare to take them.

                A female salesperson smiled, "Miss, when a girl goes out, she must have a proper bag."

                "Don't worry, all these bags, the money has been paid. They are all yours, you can change them whenever you want."

                "The goods have been delivered, so we'll leave you to it!"

                After saying that, the girls all left.

                Xue Ling'er looked at Lin Mo: "I ...... I only need a few pieces of clothes, why are you ......"

                Lin Mo said helplessly, "I don't know either."

                He just asked the prince to send a few pieces of clothes over, who knew that the prince had moved all the people shops over.

                "So ...... what about this now?"

                Xue Ling'er looked at the bags and couldn't help but swallow.

                No girl could resist the temptation of these designer bags, even if she was a star like her.

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Whatever you want."

                "I still have things to do, I'll leave first!"

                After saying that, Lin Mo left straight away, and Xue Ling'er couldn't even call out.

                In the end, only Xue Ling'er was left in the room, and her whole body was frozen as she looked at the room full of clothes and bags.

                When Lin Mo arrived downstairs, he was about to call the prince when a luxury car suddenly rushed up to him.

                Prince opened the car window and said with a smile, "Brother, you had quite a good time last night?"

                "You ripped your clothes?"

                "I didn't see that you were quite crazy!"

                When he saw him, Lin Mo was furious.

                "Who's crazy?"

                "She was poisoned last night, and I gave her an antidote to the poison before I ripped off my clothes!"

                Lin Mo roughly told what had happened last night.

                After hearing this, the prince then came to a sudden realization.

                "So that's how it is."

                "Hey, I thought, hey hey hey ......"

                Lin Mo glared at him without a good look, "What's wrong with you?"

                "I asked you to deliver a few pieces of clothes, and you moved all the people shops, showing off your wealth, huh?"

                Prince looked innocent, "Big brother, you can't blame me for this."

                "You didn't make it clear when you called and said you'd given someone a tear in their clothes."

                "I thought you two were in love, so isn't this Xue Ling Er my sister-in-law?"

                "Since she's my sister-in-law, can we settle for that? So, I had someone dish out a few shops!"

                Lin Mo finally knew what was going on, and was speechless to the core.

                "So what now?"

                "How about returning these things again?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                The prince waved his hand, "Pull back."

                "There's no such thing as returning something that I bought as a prince?"

                "Can't afford to lose this!"

                "All right, consider it a little compensation for the girl."

                "After all, you've looked all over the person!"

                Lin Mo: "......"

                "No one thinks you're mute if you don't speak!"

                Prince: "Hehehehehe ......"

                Lin Mo sat in the car and said in a deep voice: "By the way, did you find that killer last night?"

                Prince: "Came to find you, that's why."

                "Go, I'll take you to meet someone."

                "This person, he must know about that killer!"

                Lin Mo: "Who is it?"

                Without speaking, Prince started his sports car and roared out.

                Half an hour later, the two arrived at the south of the city, a rather shabby old street.

                The prince parked the car by the roadside, immediately attracting countless sideways glances from people.

                Many young and beautiful girls even threw their eyes towards the prince frequently, and a few even came straight over to strike up a conversation, but they were all ignored by the prince.

                The prince led Lin Mo through the street and into a dilapidated market inside.