Medical Genius Chapter 1354

 Ma Tiancheng's face suddenly changed as he looked at Lin Mo in horror, his face filled with an incredulous expression.

                "Mr. Lin, what are you ...... you talking about?"

                "Keeping an eye on the Ten Families?"


                "The Ten Great Families, don't ...... all take after you now?"

                Ma Tiancheng asked in a trembling voice.

                Lin Mo shook his head, "The Ten Families, they are only superficially perfunctory to me."

                "Yang flattering, on the surface they look respectful, but behind the scenes, they don't know how many things they will do against me!"

                "Therefore, I must arrange to have my own people in the provincial city, who can help me keep an eye on the Ten Families!"

                "You, are the most suitable candidate!"

                Ma Tiancheng basically understood what Lin Mo meant, he looked at Lin Mo and couldn't help but start thinking about the pros and cons of this matter.

                Lin Mo said directly, "I know, you are very hesitant."

                "However, this time, I am not discussing this matter with you, but ordering you."

                "Ma Tiancheng, you have no choice!"

                A trace of resentment flashed in Ma Tiancheng's eyes, and he knew that Lin Mo was planning to force him.

                He took a deep breath and was ready to agree to this, then turn his head and tell the Ten Great Families about it.

                However, before he could say anything, Lin Mo suddenly reached out and snapped his fingers.

                With this sound, Ma Tiancheng only felt as if his heart had been stabbed violently by something.

                The sensation of that blow caused Ma Tiancheng's legs to go limp and he directly fell to the ground.

                In this instant, he had the feeling of being on the verge of death.

                "What's wrong with this ......?"

                Ma Tiancheng was astonished.

                Lin Mo snapped his fingers once again, and Ma Tiancheng's heart once again ached and he almost didn't pass out.

                He looked at Lin Mo with wide eyes, it was obvious that it was because Lin Mo snapped his fingers!

                "I have planted a heart devouring compulsion in your heart, a compulsion that needs to be fed once every three months."

                "If you take the medicine I give you, then you will be able to feed this compulsion."

                "If you don't feed it for more than three months, the heart-devouring compulsion will devour your heart, causing you to die from pain alive!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Ma Tiancheng was directly paralyzed with fear.

                After the last incident of the compulsion daddy entering Guangyang, the Guangyang province side had also gotten the news.

                Even Ma Tiancheng had heard about the matter of the compulsion clan.

                But he had never dreamed that he would be under the spell of a compulsion.

                He hurriedly knelt in front of Lin Mo and said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Lin, you save me, save me ......"

                "I ...... I have brought the money ah ......"

                Lin Mo: "If you want to live, just do something for me!"

                "Ma Tiancheng, you are a smart person, you should know what to do, right?"

                Ma Tiancheng's face turned iron blue, he finally knew why Lin Mo could order him around.

                However, he had no choice now!

                Ma Tiancheng hung his head and nodded helplessly.

                Lin Mo smiled faintly, "Remember, this matter, cannot let a third person know."

                "Otherwise, you will die too!"

                "Also, don't presume to be able to dispel the Heart Devouring Compulsion."

                "The compulsion is connected to the heart, so I advise you to try not to stimulate it. Otherwise, it will directly devour your heart, and then you will be asking for your own destruction!"

                These words from Lin Mo completely cut off Ma Tiancheng's thoughts of finding someone to save his life.

                With such a compulsion in his body, he would never dare to have a different heart again in his life!

                After giving Ma Tiancheng an account of what needed to be done, Lin Mo also went upstairs to rest.

                He didn't want to go to the Prince, lest he see the two girls in a miserable state.

                When he entered the room Ma Tiancheng had arranged, the lights in the room were on.

                Lin Mo had just walked over to the bed when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Xue Ling'er, wrapped in a bath towel, came out from inside.

                She had just finished taking a bath, and her perfect torso, emitting an alluring sheen, made people want to go up and take a bite.

                Meeting at eye level, the girl screamed straight away, "Ah, rogue!"