Medical Genius Chapter 1353

 Xue Ling'er couldn't help but stare.

                A beautiful woman like her, and, moreover, a popular star.

                No matter where she went, she would be sought after by many people.

                Now, being alone in a room with Lin Mo, it was reasonable to say that this was Lin Mo's chance.

                But, what did Lin Mo mean by this?

                Why did he seem to think that she shouldn't be here?

                Xue Ling'er was also a stubborn person, and she was still thinking about leaving after thanking him.

                When she heard Lin Mo's words, she was immediately annoyed, "Why can't I be here?"

                Lin Mo had only made a casual remark, but he hadn't expected it to make Xue Ling'er angry.

                He scratched his head, "I didn't mean that, I ...... mean, this is my private room ......"

                Xue Ling'er was even more annoyed, "What's wrong with your private room?"

                "I didn't drink your wine, I didn't eat your food, so I can't just sit here?"

                Lin Mo was dumbfounded, not understanding why this girl had suddenly lost her temper.

                He simply stopped speaking, lest he get into another conflict with Xue Ling'er.

                Xue Ling'er had really planned to leave, but now that she was getting angrier and angrier, she simply sat here and didn't leave.

                The two of them were just like that, staring at each other with wide eyes, neither of them speaking.

                It was only when Ma Tiancheng rushed over that the peace in the room was broken.

                Ma Tiancheng held a card and looked at Lin Mo tremblingly, "Mr. Lin, this ...... is five hundred million ......"

                Lin Mo took the card and wiped a faint smile from the corner of his mouth as he looked at Ma Tiancheng's fleshy expression.

                He looked at Xue Ling'er, in fact, he was planning to talk to Ma Tiancheng about something personal and wanted to let Xue Ling'er leave.

                However, remembering the way Xue Ling'er was fuming just now, he had no choice but to give up.

                "Boss Ma, let's go to another room to talk?"

                Lin Mo said with a smile.

                How dare Ma Tiancheng disagree and immediately nodded his head.

                Lin Mo got up and walked out of the door, and Xue Ling'er stood behind, unable to help but be even more furious.

                She had never seen any man who treated her like this?

                He followed Lin Mo to the door and suddenly turned his head and ordered, "Someone, go upstairs and arrange a luxurious single room for Miss Ling'er."

                "Miss Ling'er, you've been frightened tonight, I'm really sorry."

                "Why don't you go upstairs first to rest and rest?"

                Xue Ling'er was furious and wanted to refuse, but, in the end, she thought about it, the room she was staying in was arranged by her sissy agent.

                Now that she had fallen out with her agent, she would definitely not be able to stay back tonight.

                And she didn't even have her papers with her, so if she went out for the night, she'd have to stay on the street.

                So, in the end, she could only bite her tongue and agreed to follow her upstairs to rest.

                Lin Mo didn't care about this, in fact, he didn't even care about what happened to Xue Ling'er.

                To him, what happened to Xue Ling'er tonight was just a coincidence of chance.

                What was most important to him was still Ma Tiancheng!

                Lin Mo brought Ma Tiancheng to an unoccupied room and dismissed everyone.

                He looked at Ma Tiancheng with a smirk: "Boss Ma, it must be very painful to pay such a large sum of money, right?"

                This sum of money was basically equal to Ma Tiancheng's savings for so many years.

                Ma Tiancheng was dying of heartache, but his mouth still hurriedly said, "No heartache, no heartache."

                "Mr. Lin, this ...... is all the punishment I deserve."

                Lin Mo casually threw the bank card on the table and said softly, "This money, I can pay you back."

                "However, Boss Ma, I hope, you can do something for me!"

                Ma Tiancheng couldn't help but stare as he looked at Lin Mo with wide eyes, "Mr. Lin, it's simply an honour for me to work for you!"

                "As long as you give me a command, I will absolutely die on a mountain of swords and a sea of fire!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Boss Ma, you don't quite understand what I mean."

                "What I want you to do is not that simple!"

                "I want you to help me keep an eye on the Ten Families, and if necessary, even help me eradicate the Ten Families!"