Medical Genius Chapter 1351

 Lin Mo held his glass of wine and ignored him.

                Among them, that Dong family master had the best relationship with Ma Tiancheng, and there were quite a few interests between the two of them.

                He immediately walked out, grabbed Ma Tiancheng by the neck, and carried him directly into the room.

                "Mr. Lin told you to get your ass in here, didn't you hear him?"

                "Kneel here for me!"

                The Dong family head scolded angrily.

                This Dong Family Master was a resourceful person, and he was also acting in accordance with Lin Mo's words.

                If Ma Tiancheng continued to stand outside so insensitively, in a moment, I was afraid that this matter would not end so easily.

                Ma Tiancheng knelt on the ground, shivering all over.

                He came up to the Dong family head and asked in a low voice, "Brother Dong, who is this ...... one, anyway?"

                "You tell me about it, I ...... I have to die even if I have to, I have to die to understand, right?"

                The Dong family head glared at him, "What kind of divinity?"

                "To tell you, this is Mr. Lin Mo Lin from Guangyang City."

                "He is the heir to Mr. Nanba Tian, and nowadays the entire Guang Province, including our ten clans, all respect Mr. Lin!"

                Ma Tiancheng's eyes almost stared out as he looked at Lin Mo in shock, his face filled with an incredible expression.

                Who would have thought that this seemingly unattractive young man would have such an identity?

                No wonder the family heads of the ten great families had personally come running here and treated him with such respect!

                The head of the Canton Province!

                How powerful must he be to be able to crush the Ten Great Families to the point where they could not lift their heads?

                Ma Tiancheng was almost repentant now.

                Even if there were a hundred more Ma Tiancheng's, he wouldn't be able to withstand a single finger!

                How could he have provoked such a heaven-defying existence?

                Lin Mo looked at him with a smile, "Boss Ma, just now Miss Ling'er offered thirty million dollars to settle this matter, and you didn't agree."

                "Now, how much do you think, offering how much money, can save our lives?"

                Ma Tiancheng almost pissed himself and hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, don't tease me, I was really blind just now, I dared to go against you."

                "How about this, I'll offer three hundred million, you ...... you spare my life ......"

                Lin Mo said slowly: "Three hundred million?"

                "Boss Ma, a big shot like you, a big brother of Guang Province, even the ten families have to give you face."

                "Your life is worth three hundred million?"

                Ma Tiancheng cried, "Big brother, I ...... I'm just bragging outside on a regular basis."

                "I'm just a small person."

                "How about ...... how about this, five hundred million, five hundred million?"

                Lin Mo held his glass of wine and just smiled lightly, and did not say anything.

                The prince next to him stood up directly and kicked Ma Tiancheng in the face, "Damn, what do you think we are short of money?"

                "I'm telling you, if you want to live, bring out three billion dollars, plus a right hand for you!"

                Ma Tiancheng's face changed, three hundred million, how could he have that much money? Moreover, to add a right hand, wasn't this pushing him to the brink of extinction?

                "Mr. Lin, I ...... really can't get that much money."

                "Mr. Lin, you are magnanimous, spare me once, how about it?"

                Ma Tiancheng trembled and begged.

                The prince was annoyed: "Fuck, who the fuck are you begging?"

                "Now it's Laozi who made the request, what do you mean by begging him?"

                "Looking down on me?"

                Ma Tiancheng gave the crown prince a somewhat indignant look, he didn't know the crown prince, he only thought that the crown prince was just standing beside Lin Mo as a fox.

                If it wasn't for Lin Mo's sake, he would have returned the favor a long time ago.

                At this moment, the Dong family head hurriedly approached Ma Tiancheng's side and whispered, "This, is the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng."

                "You can't afford to mess with that!"

                Ma Tiancheng was instantly struck as if by a thunderbolt, and his entire body froze.

                Prince of Hai Cheng, these four words, were too terrifying!