Medical Genius Chapter 1350

 Seeing Wang Qingyun, Ma Tiancheng's face changed instantly.

                Although he was shouting with his mouth, saying that even the Ten Great Families had to give him face.

                However, that also depended on who the Ten Great Families were!

                The Ten Great Families still had a very strong control over Guang Province, and Ma Tiancheng, the provincial big brother, was actually in a position similar to the general senior members of the Ten Great Families.

                And compared to the family heads of the Ten Great Families, Ma Tiancheng was far inferior.

                He hurriedly squeezed out a smile, "So it's Family Head Wang!"

                "I'm really sorry, I ...... didn't mean you."

                "I ...... was actually scolding the trash helper this bastard called in, it has nothing to do with you at all ...... you must not misunderstand ah ......"

                Wang Qingyun still wore a faint smile and calmly said, "I am the trash helper this Mr. Lin called for!"

                Ma Tiancheng directly froze, he looked at Lin Mo and then Wang Qingyun in a dumbfounded manner and said in a trembling voice, "Master Wang, you ...... know him?"

                Wang Qingyun did not say anything and walked straight into the private room.

                Ma Tiancheng wanted to follow him in, at that moment, several more people came from the entrance.

                Seeing these people, Ma Tiancheng's eyes glazed over.

                "Sun family master, Huang family master, Dong family master ......"

                "You guys ...... Why are you all here?"

                Ma Tiancheng's voice was shivering because, he had seen the family heads of nine families.

                This was like the family heads of the ten families had basically all arrived!

                In fact, the Ten Great Families had undergone a huge change tonight, and the Feng Family had been destroyed. What was left was only nine families.

                If these nine families were here, it would mean that all ten families had arrived!

                The people around were all shocked to their core.

                Those who could play here were more or less knowledgeable, and naturally knew that the identity of these nine family heads was not simple.

                Now, with these nine family heads all gathered here, it was simply a spectacle that had not been seen in Guang Zhou Province for many years!

                But what was the reason for this?

                Who were these nine family masters really here for?

                Ma Tiancheng smiled sarcastically and greeted each of the family masters, but no one paid any attention to him.

                In the eyes of these family masters, Ma Tiancheng was just a small person.

                The crowd walked straight into the private room and cupped their fists to Lin Mo in unison, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "We're late!"

                The moment this statement was made, the entire room was shocked.

                Everyone was dumbfounded.

                Ma Tiancheng's mouth was even wide open, and his entire body was dumbfounded.

                These nine family masters were actually all running towards Lin Mo?

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that while Lin Mo was sitting there, these nine family masters were standing in front of him, arching their hands and speaking?

                Such a respectful attitude was exactly the attitude of a subordinate towards a superior, ah.

                What exactly was this Lin Mo's status? How could he make the nine family masters treat him so respectfully?

                Ma Tiancheng couldn't help but pinch himself hard on his thigh, and the intense pain let him know that it wasn't a dream.

                He was even more panicked in his heart, he really couldn't understand what kind of big shot he had offended this time.

                But, there was no doubt that this big man could easily crush him with just one finger!

                Lin Mo casually greeted the nine great lords before looking at Ma Tiancheng with a smile, "Boss Ma, now, should you come in, or should we go out?"

                Ma Tiancheng was already shivering with fear by now, and Lin Mo's words caused him to tremble even more, almost failing to kneel on the ground.

                He cried out and said in a trembling voice, "Big ...... Brother, I ...... have eyes that are not aware of Mount Tai."

                "How dare I offend you, simply ...... simply deserve to die."

                Ma Tiancheng slapped himself twice as hard as he could, and then begged in a trembling voice, "Big brother, you are magnanimous, spare my dog's life."

                "In the future ...... I will never dare to do it again, please ......"