Medical Genius Chapter 1347

 Seeing Xue Ling'er, Lin Mo couldn't help but be a little surprised.

                Tonight's incident had all started because of this girl.

                Lin Mo had originally thought that she had run away or simply hidden away.

                But he had not expected that this girl, unexpectedly, had run out at this time.

                Other than that, one could at least see that this girl was still quite responsible.

                When Ma Tiancheng saw Xue Ling'er, he was instantly happy, "Aiyo, Miss Ling'er, you've made me look for you."

                With a cold face, Xue Ling'er said in a deep voice, "Boss Ma, let's go out and settle our business."

                Ma Tiancheng's face was slightly cold as he suddenly sneered, "Little girl, who do you think you are?"

                "Stand up and say a few words, and you want me to let these two bastards go? Are you dreaming?"

                "I'm telling you, whether you come out or not, I'm going to kill them both today!"

                "Give me a fight!"

                Xue Ling'er was dumbfounded, she didn't think that even though she had personally stepped in, she still couldn't solve this matter.

                At this moment, those big men inside the house also rushed to Lin Mo and the Crown Prince, besieging these two with all their might.

                The crown prince was the crispest, grabbing a bottle of wine and knocking the big man in front of him on the head.

                The big man covered his head and took a step back, while the Crown Prince followed suit and took a step forward, stabbing the bottle in his hand directly at his neck.

                The big man staggered back a few steps, covering his neck, and eventually collapsed in a pool of blood.

                Lin Mo's hand was not as bloody, he just broke the hands and feet of these big men so that they could not do anything else.

                Ma Tiancheng had brought a dozen or so hans, and in a short while, they were all taken down by Lin Mo and the Crown Prince.

                These hans were just some low-level fighters.

                It was alright for them to follow Ma Tiancheng and bully others.

                If they were to fight against a master, they would be just like ants, defenceless!

                No one had expected that these two young men, who looked somewhat bookish, would be able to seriously injure these dozen strong men.

                Ma Tiancheng's face changed rapidly as he quickly took a step back and roared, "Boys, you have fucking guts!"

                "How dare you even beat up my men, this matter, I'm not finished with you guys!"

                "Wait for me, don't leave, just wait for me here!"

                After saying that, Ma Tiancheng hurriedly ran away, not even paying attention to Xue Ling'er who was next to him.

                Xue Ling'er's face was in a state of panic as she hesitated a little and walked into the private room.

                "Big brother, I'm really sorry for what happened tonight, I'm the one who dragged you into this."

                "But I ...... really didn't know that he would come running after you guys."

                She apologized in a low voice.

                Lin Mo was just about to speak when the crown prince suddenly laughed, "Beauty, if you really feel sorry, you can give your body in return!"

                "My buddy, he's still quite nice!"

                Lin Mo immediately glared at him, this crown prince, he really didn't have a straight face either.

                Xue Ling'er's face, on the other hand, changed, she quickly took a step back and said in a deep voice: "Impossible!"

                "I ...... would not sell my soul even if I were to die."

                The prince smirked, "Who wants your soul?"

                "What we want is your physical body ......"

                Lin Mo hurriedly stopped him, "Miss Ling'er, don't misunderstand."

                "This kid, he likes to joke around."

                "Alright, Ma Tiancheng is gone, so you should hurry up and go too."

                "Lest he comes back later and finds you in trouble again!"

                Xue Ling'er looked at the Crown Prince, and then at Lin Mo.

                After a long moment of silence, she whispered, "If I leave, what about you guys?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "It's fine."

                "With the two of us being so skilled, we would still be afraid of him?"

                Xue Ling'er bristled, "Big brother, I know you guys can fight."

                "But, this Ma Tiancheng is not an ordinary person."

                "He is an absolute big brother in the provincial capital, he can call hundreds of people with one phone call."

                "You two, you really can't fight him!"

                "Why don't you guys run too?"