Medical Genius Chapter 1346

 Before the people around Ma Tiancheng could rush to Lin Mo's side, the door to the room was once again pushed open.

                The prince walked in from outside with the two girls in his arms, smiling.

                As soon as he saw the situation inside the room, he was stunned.

                "What is this?"

                The prince wondered.

                Ma Tiancheng glanced at the prince disdainfully, "Who the fuck are you?"

                "I'm telling you, what's going on here has nothing to do with you."

                "If you know what you're doing, get the hell out of here."

                "Or else, I'll even clean you up!"

                Lin Mo directly covered his eyes, this Ma Tiancheng, was really seeking his own death.

                The prince also laughed outright at his words.

                He grinned broadly as he swept the two girls into the private room and simply sat down beside Lin Mo.

                "Since you've said so, then I really can't leave!"

                "Pack up with me?"

                "Sure, I'd like to see how you'll clean me up!"

                The prince smirked.

                Ma Tiancheng snarled in anger, "Damn you, you really don't see the coffin!"

                "You two stinky brats, don't even ask around, what kind of a person I am in the provincial capital!"

                "You dare to fight with me? Do you have the strength to do so?"

                The two girls beside the prince, as soon as they heard these words, jumped up in fear straight away.

                "You ...... you are Master Ma?"

                One girl exclaimed.

                Ma Tiancheng glanced at her smugly, "Exactly the old me!"

                The two girls looked at each other and left from the Prince's side at the same time.

                One of the girls was full of sarcastic smiles, "Master Ma, I'm really sorry."

                "I ...... don't know them well, really, really don't ...... know them well."

                Another girl even more dryly walked up to Ma Tiancheng and flirtatiously hugged Ma Tiancheng's arm.

                "Master Ma, I've heard of your name for a long time."

                "Not to mention in the provincial city, even in the entire Guang Province, who dares not give you face?"

                "Hey, you two, why don't you quickly come over and kowtow to Master Ma and apologise."

                "Even the Ten Great Families have to be polite to Master Ma, what are you guys, how dare you shout at Master Ma?"

                The girl said while still using her body to rub against Ma Tiancheng.

                Ma Tiancheng was full of smugness and excitedly scratched the girl's body a few times.

                The girl's eyes were even more flirtatious and she threw her eyes at Ma Tiancheng hard, obviously wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to hook up with Ma Tiancheng.

                Lin Mo gave the crown prince a look, "Is this the woman you're looking for?"

                The prince shrugged and laughed, "Just for fun, I don't intend to talk about marriage!"

                The girl there glared directly, "Who's playing with you?"

                "Didn't you hear what I said? Come over and kowtow to Master Ma and apologise!"

                The prince glanced at Ma Tiancheng and said slowly, "Surnamed Ma, you really don't know anything about strength, do you!"

                "You simply don't know, what kind of person you are facing?"

                "How about this, I'll give you a chance."

                "Kneel here and kowtow a hundred times, and this matter, can be written off!"

                "Otherwise ......"

                Not waiting for the crown prince to finish, Ma Tiancheng directly grabbed a wine bottle and threw it over, breaking into curses, "Let your mother fart!"

                "What are you, daring to make Laozi kneel and kowtow?"

                "Fuck, even if you two kneel here and kowtow to me today, I won't spare you!"

                "Fight me!"

                Ma Tiancheng's men immediately rushed up, their faces full of fierceness and fury.

                The two girls stood outside as if they were watching, shouting out cheers, lest the fight wouldn't start.

                Lin Mo and the crown prince looked at each other, and the two of them also stood up, it seemed that this fight was inevitable tonight.

                At that very moment, a person suddenly rushed in from outside, and it was none other than that Xue Ling'er from before.

                Her face was ice-cold, as if she had made up her mind about something, and she gritted her teeth and said, "Boss Ma, it's me you want, I'm right here."

                "This matter has nothing to do with them, please don't hurt the innocent!"