Medical Genius Chapter 1343

 Next, the nine great clans joined forces and quickly took control of everything in the Feng family.

                Those senior members of the Feng family were all decimated.

                The other members were also expelled from Guang Province.

                This matter, if Lin Mo were to do it himself, it would probably take quite a lot of time.

                However, it would be too easy to leave it to the Ten Great Families.

                After all, the Ten Great Families knew the Feng Family too well.

                Lin Mo didn't linger here either, as he explained the matter and left after the Crown Prince.

                Just after he arrived downstairs and got into the crown prince's car, Lin Mo's face turned straight to a miserable white.

                The effects of the Qi and Blood Pill had already passed, and today, Lin Mo's strength was exhausted, and he simply did not have the strength to fight anymore.

                Upstairs just now, he was also barely holding on at all.

                If the Ten Great Family Masters had been bolder and tried desperately to kill him, then he would have had no power to fight back at all.

                However, with the Crown Prince by his side, these people would not dare to do so.

                The crown prince supported Lin Mo, and it was only after a while that Lin Mo regained some strength.

                "Crown Prince, thank you!"

                Lin Mo said from the bottom of his heart.

                The prince had really helped him a lot, this time, without the prince, it was hard to say whether Lin Mo could have come out in one piece.

                The prince waved his hand, "Shit, what's the point of saying thanks to me?"

                "Who are you looking down on?"

                "I'm a person, although I have a bit of a stinky temper, but to my own brother, that's definitely a two-pronged approach."

                "For something as important as your ascension to the top of the Canton Province tonight, if I don't come and help you with the plunder, do I still have the face to call myself your brother?"

                Lin Mo smiled, this person, the Crown Prince, did have a brash personality.

                The prince continued, "Oh yes, when I look at those old pipsqueaks, although they say that Guang Province is your priority, their eyes are still a bit unconvinced."

                "Why don't I bring someone over later and help you convince them once and for all?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "No need."

                "I don't need them to convince me, I just need to let them know that they can't afford to mess with me nowadays!"

                The prince was surprised: "What do you mean?"

                Lin Mo smiled faintly and said nothing.

                At the same time, the Ten Great Families were over there.

                Wang Qingyun and the others quickly called all the senior members together and held a meeting after Lin Mo had left.

                When the crowd heard that Lin Mo had won, they were all shocked.

                A man couldn't help but say, "Master of the Wang family, is this Lin Mo's strength, really that strong?"

                "Thirteen gold medal assassins, all killed by him?"

                Wang Qingyun glanced at him, "Do you suspect us of lying to you?"

                The man immediately shook his head, "I ...... don't mean that, it's just ...... just that this Lin Mo is only a few years old now."

                "If this allows him to grow up, then I'm afraid that his future achievements are beyond our imagination!"

                The others also nodded their heads, and the crowd was full of shock.

                Wang Qingyun, on the other hand, sneered, "Grow up?"

                "Heh, I don't think he'll have that chance!"

                "You guys have to understand one thing, the wind will destroy the woods when it is shown in the forest."

                "In today's Guang Province, with Nanba Tian gone, our ten clans are greatly weakened."

                "Those big powers in the surrounding area are all eyeing us intently."

                "At this time, when Lin Mo rises, then he will become the enemy of all the powers."

                "We don't need to compete with Lin Mo, so what if we call him a venerable person? Next, we can hide behind him in peace and watch him spar with those great clans and powers from the outer provinces."

                Hearing this, the crowd suddenly understood, and they all burst into laughter.

                "Master Wang Clan, you are still far-sighted."

                "In that case, won't this Lin Mo become our shield?"

                A man laughed loudly.

                Wang Qingyun was filled with a cold smile, "Young man, not knowing how high the sky is, does he really think he can overpower the Ten Families?"

                "Hehe, how high he stands, how much responsibility he has to bear!"

                "When the time comes, I'll see how he dies!"