Medical Genius Chapter 1341

 Lin Mo closed the door to his room and quietly stuffed another Qi and Blood Pill into his mouth.

                This battle had been brewing for a long time for him as well.

                With his Creation Skill raised to the peak of the fourth level, he was already strong enough to defeat Qin Wuyi in a solo fight.

                Now that he had swallowed another Qi and Blood Pill, his strength had doubled, so he was confident in dealing with these thirteen Gold Medal Assassins!

                These thirteen Gold Medal Assassins, once they entered the room, directly occupied the most advantageous position.

                Killers were the best at sneaking in.

                In such a small space, the thirteen assassins could kill one person, they only felt that it was just like crushing an ant, there was no difficulty at all!

                Lin Mo turned his head and swept his gaze over the thirteen people, then suddenly let out a low roar and pounced on them first.

                Outside the house, the crowd could only hear crackling sounds coming from inside the house.

                After all, from their point of view, the thirteen gold medal assassins could kill a single Lin Mo with ease, couldn't they?

                Last time when the people from the Ten Great Families were chasing Lin Mo, they already had a clear idea of Lin Mo's strength.

                Of course, the crowd didn't know that Lin Mo had taken the Nine Suns Breaking Pill again and his strength had skyrocketed.

                Moreover, there was also the Qi and Blood Pill, which was able to increase strength several times in a short period of time.

                The prince and the others, on the other hand, were extremely nervous, and he quietly stepped back a little as he whispered, "Damn it, if you hear something wrong later, just fucking rush in with the men!"

                An old man said anxiously, "Prince, this ...... is out of order ......"

                "They said it's a duel, let's interfere ......"

                The prince glared at him, "Shut up!"

                "I don't give a fuck about the rules!"

                "That's my brother, if he doesn't make it out, I'll tear down all the top ten families in Guang Province today!"

                The ten family masters next to him were all listening, but no one dared to say anything.

                It couldn't be helped, no one knew how strong the Crown Prince was.

                Who would dare to mess with that almost perverted poisonous spider?

                However, Wang Qingyun also quietly winked at the people next to him.

                If the crown prince and the others insisted on striking, the ten clans, to the death, would have to stop them.

                Tonight, if they killed Lin Mo, it would be a great success!

                Ten minutes later, the rattling in the room finally stopped.

                Everyone's eyes were wide, staring straight at the door of that room.

                The prince was even more excited, and he was even ready to push the door open.

                At that very moment, the door slowly opened.

                A man covered in blood stood in the doorway, his face pale and his eyes full of panic.

                Seeing this man, Wang Qingyun was overjoyed.

                Because, this was one of the assassins he had hired!

                So, Lin Mo was dead?

                However, just at that moment, a bloody man came up behind him.

                With a dagger in his hand, he cut this killer's neck directly and threw him back into the house.

                The bloody man walked out and wiped the blood off his face, revealing his original face.

                It was none other than Lin Mo!

                He threw away the dagger in his hand and smiled broadly, "Sorry for the close call."

                Seeing this, the prince froze for a moment before suddenly jumping and cheering, "Well done!"

                "Lin Mo, you really haven't disgraced me!"

                "Hahahaha, old pikers, what more do you want to say now?"

                The ten great family lords were all confused, and Wang Qingyun looked into the house in disbelief.

                There were bloodstains all over the house, and a dozen corpses lay strewn across the floor.

                Upon careful counting, there were exactly thirteen!

                Those thirteen gold medal assassins, none of them had been spared, all of them had been killed by Lin Mo!

                Everyone was shocked, even the people brought by the Crown Prince were all looking at Lin Mo with shocked faces.

                No one could have imagined that this young man, had such terrifying strength.

                One man alone fighting thirteen Gold Medal Assassins, three of whom were even comparable to Qin Wuyi?

                Such a battle result, I'm afraid, could only be fought by Huo Hua, right?

                But Lin Mo, he was far younger than Fire Hua!